10 Lego Anime Sets From Lego.com

Ideas.Lego.com is a site that allows Lego fans to pitch Lego set ideas to The Lego Group. These Ideas start out as just concepts for potential sets but if the Ideas receive at least 10,000 community supporters, they have a chance to become real Lego sets that can be purchased in stores. The best thing about the site is that anyone can cast their vote for the Ideas they enjoy.

RELATED: Cardcaptor Sakura & 6 Other Anime Based On Tarot Cards Whether The Lego Group ultimately approves the community's Ideas is always uncertain, but the community's votes show The Lego Group how many potential customers there could be. If the Idea set uses a third party Intellectual Property, like Doraemon, for example, then the design also has to be approved by the rights holders.

Many Ideas are based on original concepts or are new sets for old set themes (Pirates, Bionicle, Lego City, etc.) but there are quite a few Ideas based on popular anime.

10 Naruto Run!!! By LordSoarin115

Naruto Lego Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, Kakashi

One Lego set with widespread appeal for anime fans might be Naruto Run by LordSoarin115, which features Team 7's Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi all running in the typical Naruto fashion. RELATED: Naruto: 10 Ninja That Never Made It Into Ultimate Ninja Storm

LordSoarin115 was able to capture four Naruto character designs with minimal pieces while still maintaining the characters' distinct hair and clothing styles. If this were ever approved as a set, it wouldn't be hard to see how other Naruto characters could be created as well.

9 K-ON!: Light Music Club By StarlordRockz

Lego K-ON Anime

StarlordRockz recreated one of the most iconic school rooms of all time with K-ON's light music clubroom. The inclusion of the removable concert area, instruments, tea table, and Ton-Chan's tank complete the look while showing fans how dedicated StarlordRockz was to the project.

It's not hard to see how classrooms from other anime could be made too, like the SOS Brigade's clubroom from Haruhi Suzumiya or any number of other important school locations from anime.

8 Cowboy Bebop: The Swordfish II by Ben Osborne

Cowboy Bebop Swordfish 2

Even non-fans of Cowboy Bebop would have to admit how cool the Swordfish II looks in both the source material and in this lego recreation by Ben Osborne. The ship's distinct shape is present in this lego model as well as the accompanying minifigure members of the Bebop's crew: Spike, Faye, Jet, Edward, and Ein.

7 Naruto: Ichiraku Ramen Shop By DadiTwins

Ichiraku Ramen from Naruto but Lego

If the Valley of the End is Naruto's most iconic location then Ichiraku Ramen Shop is probably the second most iconic one. This Idea by DadiTwins is one of the most detailed proposed sets on the entire Ideas site and not only represents Ichiraku Ramen, but improves the design with the added detail expected of a 3D model.

DadiTwins' design even includes 6 ninja minifigures as well as Ichiraku Ramen's owner, Teuchi, and his daughter, Ayame.

6 Studio Ghibli: Laputan Robot By GSCLD

Lego Laputan Robot Ghibli

The Laputan robot from Castle In The Sky was a somber, dutiful robot with terrifying destructive capabilities who kept watch over Laputa and its plant and animal life. Just as it had in the movie, this Lego representation by GSCLD robot also grew moss and plants on its body during its hundreds of years of isolation, represented by the green bricks used for its shoulders and back. RELATED: Jotaro & 9 Other Anime Characters Who Love The Ocean

The set even includes the cute fox squirrel as seen in both Castle in the Sky and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and plenty of flowers for the robot to protect along with it.

5 Studio Ghibli: Motorized Howl's Moving Castle By EricLego321

Howls Moving Castle but Lego

Howl's Castle was overdesigned, bulky, unstable, and was somehow still painstakingly recreated by Ericlego321. The castle looks like it could fall apart at any moment just as it looked in the Ghibli movie. One of the most impressive aspects of this build is how some parts of it are motorized, including the legs, jaw, and tongue of the castle.

RELATED: 10 Great Anime Composers (& Where You've Heard Their Music) In one picture, Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle is represented by two blue and grey stud pieces, which is a simple detail that shows the castle's scale.

4 Gundam: RX-78-2 By AndrejRamires

RX/78-2 In Lego

Gundam by AndrejRamires is just one of many Gundam-inspired sets on Lego.Ideas.com but might be the most accurate to the typical build, pose, and detail of a Gunpla model kit. It even features a hidden cockpit in the chest where a minifigure could pilot the RX-78-2.

The body appears to be heavily poseable and the weapons of this Gundam are removable, meaning that fans of Gundam could equip the RX-78-2 with any number of Gundam weapons they build, like Gusion's Hammer or Fenice's Beam Rapier.

3 Kanye West: Graduation By Ibex

Kanye West Graduation Album Cover as Lego

Kanye West is nobody's first thought upon hearing the word, "Anime," but Kanye is not unrelated to anime at all. Kanye West's bear fursona was used heavily in the early days of his entertainment career and was designed by Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. Murakami also directed the music video that this lego set is based on and the Kids See Ghosts show preview, both typically considered CGI anime by fans.

This set by lbex looks exactly like the album cover of Kanye's 2008 album, Graduation, and would probably be a huge hit if fully supported on Ideas. The only obvious omission from this set is Dropout Bear's ears, which would hopefully be added in for the finalized set.

2 Initial D: Toyota Corolla AE86 By Davanchi M.

Lego is no stranger to making sets for real-life cars, like their Bugatti Chiron and Land Rover Defender sets as well as plenty of other cars from movies. This Lego version of Initial D's Toyota Corolla AE86 by Davanchi M. would fit in with the rest of them and also be a great representation for Initial D fans.

RELATED: 6 Great Manga That Never Finished Publication In America This design is missing some minor features, like the tofu container in the trunk, Takumi's water cup, and a minifigure of Takumi himself, but it isn't hard to imagine them being added to the design if this set were made real by Lego.

1 YU-GI-OH!: Dark Magician VS Blue-Eyes White Dragon By Zero Helix

Lego Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon

Dark Magician Vs Blue-Eyes White Dragon by Zero Helix would definitely perform a direct attack on the wallets of many anime fans. This set might have been impressive if it were just Blue-Eyes and Dark Magician on stands but the thematic battlefield adds context to the scene with a destroyed pillar that was surely broken during their duel.

The only thing that might improve this set would be Seto Kaiba and Yugi Muto standing on either side of the field, ready to play cards to support their monsters. Another Yu-Gi-Oh! character that deserves to be made into a Lego set is Blockman, the monster from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX who is a golem made of Lego bricks.

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