This Lego Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter is 20% off for Black Friday

You can experience the Dark Side of the Force on sale after purchasing this famous “Star Wars” spaceship. The Lego Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter is on sale right now at Walmart for £31.99. That’s a 20% deal compared to its usual price.

The TIE Fighter makes appearances in many “Star Wars” franchises, most famously in the original trilogy’s “A New Hope” way back in 1977.

Given the spaceship’s massive use across many films and spinoffs on-screen and off-screen, this set is sure to be a winner for fans ages 8 and up, no matter what part of the franchise they are familiar with. The set is new for 2021 and got good marks in our review. It is easy to build and also quite durable to play with, which is great value given its current discount.

It is probably one of the best “Star Wars” sets available right now, at a family-friendly price. The set includes 432 pieces and it will probably take you an hour or two to assemble, depending on the builder’s experience and their age. Kids will probably have the most fun in inserting the lasers, and for the littler fans you might want an adult to help with some of the more repetitive parts such as putting the wings together.

There are several features in this Lego set that attempt to replicate the TIE Fighter as you see it on screen, especially in the original trilogy. You’ll get an opening Lego cockpit where you can insert minifigures, and you’ll have your choice of two included with the set: a TIE fighter pilot (who comes with a blaster pistol) and a Stormtrooper (who has a blaster.) Also included is the NI-L8 protocol droid to assist your pilot. The TIE Fighter also has two spring-loaded shooters so you can recreate “Star Wars” battles in your residence, ideally with other ships such as the Lego Star Wars X-Wing.

Lego rates this set as a great build for kids and adults, even for beginners. Even on display, this set shouldn’t take up too much room, with measurements of 6.5×5.5×6 inches (17x14x15 centimeters). Lego Star Wars deals tend to sell out very quickly, especially when they involve the iconic ships of the franchise, so make sure to grab this set quickly.

At 20% off for a brand-new set, the TIE Fighter deal you see will likely be one of the best for 2021.

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