Lego Star Wars helmets are 20% off for Black Friday

Just before a new "Star Wars" series is released next month, you can buy four Lego helmets of famous characters at a deep discount. The Lego helmet of bounty hunter Boba Fett, who is the new star of the Disney Plus series "The Book of Boba Fett," is on sale right now at Walmart for £47.99. The Scout Trooper, the newest of the helmet set, is on sale right now at Walmart for £40.00.

If you prefer Darth Vader and his army, there are Lego deals for you there as well.

Darth Vader's Lego helmet is on sale right now at Walmart for £55.99, while the Stormtrooper is on sale right now at Walmart for £47.93. All helmets are about 20% off their regular price and will let you secure a great addition to your "Star Wars" collection before the popularity of the new series once again wipes out stock.  Older "Star Wars" fans and collectors will especially appreciate the display value of these four Empire-themed sets, featuring at least some characters from the original series of "Star Wars," "The Mandalorian" and now "The Book of Boba Fett," which debuts on Disney Plus Dec.

29. To take the more famous pair of characters, Boba Fett's Lego helmet comes in at 625 pieces and mostly uses bricks to get the bounty hunter's helmet right for long-time fans. Darth Vader will be the heftiest set, at 834 pieces, to represent his complex helmet design.

There's also a lot of detail for army soldiers. The 647-piece Stormtrooper Lego helmet includes a combination of bricks and stickers to evoke their look, while the 471-piece Scout Trooper (Lego's simplest helmet) uses bricks only. Lego highly suggests that experienced builders aged 18 and older attempt these sets, as they are more billed to the collectible side.

That said, if you have a motivated teenager who really enjoys "Star Wars" Lego sets, you might be able to offer this set for younger ages with a lot of experience in building. The helmets slightly vary in size but are all similar enough that you can line them up on your desk or your bookshelf. The Boba Fett helmet, for example, is roughly  7.5x14x4.5 inches (19x36x11 centimeters).

That's compact enough to put on even a narrow shelf. Each of the helmets also comes with a name plaque in case you have any padawans nearby who may not recognize the famous faces in your room. These helmets have sold out quickly whenever they were put on discount, so be sure to get as many as you can afford for your "Star Wars" fans.

With a total sale price point of less than £200, these four sets offer incredible value for followers of the Empire who wish to show their fandom.

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