interhasa! Hand Dryer for Toilets Commercial High Speed Automatic Electric Hand Dryer Wall Mounted For Home Bathroom Cafes Office Restaurant (sliver)

  • ⚡Energy Efficient and Powerful:With 1800 watts of motor power 22000r/h,fast dry hands in 10-15s. Saving time and energy.Minute timeout or high temperature automatic power-off protection to avoid damage to electronic components and burning the body.
  • Hygienic and Eco-Friendly:Sensitive and intelligence sensing system makes it TOUCH-FREE hand dryer,it avoids spreading viruses and flu from one user to another,ensuring high hygiene standards for you and your clients.Also Replacing paper towels with Hand Dryer also helps you save money as well as the planet earth.
  • Easy Installation:The commercial hand dryer requires just a few minutes to install on the wall,it’s easy to install for anyone.It doesn’t eat a lot of space on your bathroom wallkeep the bathroom tidy and graceful.
  • Low Noise And Pplication:Operating at 60 to 72 dB± decibels, this quiet hand dryer is perfect for bathrooms of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, medical centers, airports, malls, office buildings, etc,even at home bathroom.
  • Interhasa!-We provide warranty service.If ther’s any problem, contact us without hesitation.Our After-Sale team will help you with any technical issue that you encounter.