NUKI 220284 Code Door 6 Digits for Your Safety | Electric keypad Provides Smartphone & keyless Access | Easy to Install | Bluetooth add Smart Lock [Energy Class A+]

RRP PRICE: £69.00
SALE PRICE: £65.92
YOU SAVE: £3.08

  • INDIVIDUAL ACCESS CODES – The easy to install keypad can simultaneously store up to 100 different access codes. You decide which permission each user receives.
  • PERFECT ADD-ON – Smartphone at home? Battery dead? No problem. The NUKI keypad provides entry to your home with the luminous numbers – perfect option especially for kids without a smartphone.
  • SMART UPGRADE – The keypad can be used with any nuki Smart lock. You can easily access the keypad via app even on the road – all you need is the Nuki bridge as an add-on.
  • SAFETY AND COMFORT – 6-digit access codes and encrypted communication – the highest level of security you can get.
  • FULL TRANSPARENCY – You can always keep track of who’s entering your home – control the Nuki Smart Lock 2. 0 via keypad. Get the combo and enjoy all the benefits Nuki has to offer.
  • URGENT EMERGENCIES – it’s important for emergency services as well as relatives to have quick, secure access where care-dependent persons live.
Weight: 79.9 g
Dimensions: 9 x 3 x 1.5 cm; 80 Grams
Model: 220284
Part: 220284
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium Metal
Manufacture: Nuki
Quantity: 1

From the manufacturer

nuki smart lock
nuki smart lock

Simply for everyone.

The Keypad is the perfect add-on to your Nuki Smart Lock. No need to take anything with you: simply enter your 6-digit access code to give you and your guests easy access to your home.

Individual access codes

Each Keypad can simultaneously store up to 99 different access codes. You decide which permissions each user receives. Thanks to the Nuki app’s activity log, you can always keep track of who’s entering your home.

Easy installation

The Keypad is mounted on the outside of your front door by gluing it to the door frame or screwing it to the front of the house. The Keypad can be assembled and used by anyone in just a few minutes. Two button cells power the Keypad, eliminating the need to connect wires or cables.

How it works:

  • Easy installation on the outside of your door by gluing or screwing
  • Access with a 6-digit code
  • Up to 99 different access codes
  • Create entry codes with the Bridge, even when you're on the go
  • Perfect for your vacation house

nuki smart lock

nuki smart lock

nuki smart lock

The 6-digit entry codes and encrypted communication provide the highest security. This means your home is always protected from unwanted guests.

Take your holiday property rentals to a whole new level. As soon as a guest makes a booking, you can simply allocate an individual entry code. The time-consuming process of handing over keys is now a thing of the past. Offer your guests more convenience – they don't need an app, a special account, not even a smartphone.

Forgot your smartphone? Battery's dead? Don't worry! The Nuki Keypad is always right where you need it. Always at reach – right in front of your main entrance door.

In an emergency, every minute counts. Consequently, it’s important for both emergency services as well as relatives to have quick, secure access to a home where care-dependent persons live. With the Nuki Keypad, family members and caregivers can always enter the house when it matters.

The Keypad is ideal for people who don’t have their own smartphone. It’s also a good backup for when your smartphone’s battery unexpectedly dies.

Perfect for your digital hiatus. Do you want to enjoy a break from your smartphone and leave the house with empty pockets? With the Nuki Keypad, you can be free as a bird. Once you're back home, all you need are six digits and your door will open as if by magic.

nuki smart lock nuki smart lock
Product category Add-on for Nuki Smart Lock & Combo 2.0 Add-on for Nuki Smart Lock & Combo 2.0
Lock and unlock via Bluetooth
Lock and unlock without your Smartphone
Lock and unlock at the touch of a button
Lock and unlock by access code
Bridge required no no
Easy deactivating in case of loss
Number of access permissions 99 100
Suitable for children
Suitable for seniors without a smartphone