Lego Ideas: Forth Bridge bid derailed by US sitcom and a jazz quartet

Michael Dineen with his Lego Ideas Forth Bridge submission.



A bid to create a Lego version of the Forth Bridge has been derailed by the US version of The Office and a jazz quartet. Civil engineer Michael Dineen was over the moon when the Danish toy manufacturer said it would consider his version of the iconic rail bridge as a Lego Ideas set.

Lego Ideas: Forth Bridge bid derailed by US sitcom and a jazz quartetThe Flying Scotsman crossing the Forth Bridge in 2019.

The 42-year-old gained more than 10,000 votes from supporters after spending four months creating the World Heritage Site in 2019. But Lego said an unprecedented 57 submissions received similar backing this year and only two could be selected.

And it has now announced it will create a scene from the multi-award-winning sitcom starring Steve Carell.

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A second set featuring a jazz quartet will also be made.

Michael is disappointed with the result but said his Forth Bridge Lego Ideas attempt isn't necessarily dead in the water. "Lego owns the IP for three years but once that's up I'm hoping I can market it myself," he said.

Lego Ideas Forth Bridge bid used 3,000 bricks

Michael used 3,000 bricks to produce his 15-foot long model and has been waiting since September 2020 for the manufacturer's verdict. Among its supporters were a descendent of Sir William Arroll, the Victoria engineer whose company built the real rail bridge.

Network Rail was also behind the bid. But Lego said the two selected submissions caught judges' eyes for different reasons.

Lego Ideas: Forth Bridge bid derailed by US sitcom and a jazz quartetSteve Carell plays manager Michael Scott in the US version of The Office.

Of The Office, they said: "This is a super interesting and entertaining television show that we feel is universally known and loved." It was one of several bids to represent the show over the years and judges added: "It's very apparent how much desire there has been for a set like this."

Meanwhile, they described the jazz quartet as dynamic and different. "We see this as a fantastic tribute to a music genre that has a long history and strong roots," they said. [embedded content]

Michael said it was important to be realistic. "It's a shame but 57 entries qualified for the final stage this year," he said. "Normally they get eight or nine but because of Covid and the fact people are staying at home on their computers, more people were voting.

"There were so many amazing ideas among the 55 that weren't chosen.

"It's frustrating but I'll now look at a plan B."