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  • Advanced sleep tracking – get a lab-level & in-depth analysis of your night with sleep cycles (deep, light & rem) and their durations, plus sleep duration and interruptions
  • Sleep score – get an interpretation of how restorative the night was and learn what you can do to improve it with the sleep score
  • Medical-grade sleep apnea detection – sleep analyzer is the world’s first non-invasive sensor to detect sleep apnea, an underdiagnosed and highly prevalent condition that’s often silent
  • Snore detection – track the number of snoring episodes and their durations. In the app, learn more about snoring patterns and what impacts them
  • Continuous heart rate tracking – sleep analyzer measures your heart rate while sleeping, an indicator reflecting Whether enough time is spent in deep sleep

Product description

Style Name:Sleep Analyzer

Product Description

For the first time, A home sleep sensor provides lab-precise metrics along with the benefit of convenience-there is nothing to wear thanks to an unobtrusive mat designed for one-time setup under the mattress.Sleep analyzer contains the world’s most advanced sensors and technology to analyzeyour sleep and detect sleep apnea, a highly prevalent and underdiagnosed disease.With precise & easy-to-understand insights in the Health Mate app, anyone can discoverhow to achieve better sleep quality for better health.

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1 x Sleep Analyzer

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Brand: Withings

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Withings Sleep Analyzer

Sleep Tracking

Your vital parameters, such as heart rate, breathing rate, and movements, are collected by advanced sensors located in an unobtrusive mat placed under the mattress and processed by exclusive algorithms to give you the most accurate & advanced insights of your night.


Get an in-depth analysis of your night with sleep cycles (deep, light & REM) and their durations, plus total sleep duration and interruptions.

Sleep Tracking

Sleep Score

Snore detection

Heart Rate Tracking