Tefal E857S544 Premium Non-stick Cookware Set with Induction, 5 Pieces – Black

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About this item

  • Thermospot technology lets you see the optimum cooking temperature on all fry pans
  • Pro metal pro: Non-stick coating that is hardened and safe for metal utensils
  • Glass lids for all saucepans
  • Suitable for all heat sources including induction
Weight: 7.13 kg
Dimensions: 52.1 x 33.2 x 28.7 cm; 7.13 Kilograms
Brand: Tefal
Model: E857S544
Colour: Black
Colour: Black

From the manufacturer

Tefal’s Induction cookware set features the Prometal non stick coating for a long lasting cooking performance. Tefal’s iconic Thermospot technology indicates when the pan has reached the optimum cooking temperature as it turns solid red.

Product Specifications

Tefal Induction 5 piece set: 20, 26cm frying pans, 16,18 and 20cm saucepans with glass lids

  • High quality induction set
  • Aluminium for optimum heat conductivity
  • Thermospot technology on frying pans
  • Prometal non-stick coating
  • Non stick exterior for easy cleaning
  • Induction stainless steel base
  • Oven safe up to 175 degree Celsius for up to 1 hour

General Concept

Tefal introduces the Induction set, combining all the benefits of Tefal aluminium non-stick with the Thermospot technology. The handles have been ergonomically designed for a solid and comfortable grip.

Tefal has launched this set to meet the needs of every kitchen. Its pots and pans are essential for everyday use.

Aluminium cookware is very popular amongst beginners and gourmet cooks alike thanks to excellent conductivity and durability on both the exterior and interior of the product. Long-lasting and light weighted this material is easy to use for everyday cooking.

Prometal Non Stick Coating

Tefal's premium multi-layer non stick coating is reinforced with hard minerals. This ensures the most resistant non stick and also the added bonus of a ceramic hard base for stronger protection against scratches and abrasions. Engineered for rigorous use, the coating works by applying layer upon layer of non stick coating to aluminium. You can use metal utensils (except knives and whisks) with the Prometal coating. Whether you are flipping an egg or stirring a sauce, you can rest assured the coating will not come to any harm.

Thermospot Technology

Over 10 years ago, Tefal invented Thermospot technology. This heat indicator works by changing to a solid red colour when the pan has reached the ideal cooking temperature, ensuring optimal cooking results without the risk of under or overheating. Searing food at the right temperature is now made easy. The Thermospot is available on frying pans only.

Soft Touch Handle

The Induction set features riveted soft touch and stay cool handles for comfortable grip and easy handling without the risk of burning hands. On this set, all handles are encapsulated in silicone which is oven safe up to 210 degrees Celsius for up to 1 hour. This means that you can start your cooking on the stove and finish it off in the oven.

Vented Glass Lids

Saucepans come with vented glass lids. The benefit of a glass lids is the ease of which you can keep an eye on your cooking, ensuring that nothing is burning or drying out. The vent allows you to release a continuous amount of steam without removing the lid.


Induction Base

This set is induction compatible, which means it is suitable for all heat sources including induction hobs. Induction cookers are becoming more popular and less expensive. There has been a rise in the demand for induction compatible cookware. Keep in mind you cannot use any type of pots and pans on induction hobs, it must be induction compatible. The base must be magnetised in order to react with the cooker top. Historically these products were expensive, but Tefal has created an affordable five piece set whilst maintaining standards of quality. You can use induction cookware on any type of hob, so if you do not have an induction cooker now but you think might in the future, then investing in suitable cookware for this would be a wise choice.

About Tefal

Tefal is one of the world leaders in non-stick cookware and small electrical appliances, offering a host of high quality and enhanced products designed to simplify everyday tasks in the home. Tefal’s approach is one that evokes ingenuity and pleasure, aimed at people who enjoy the experience of cooking together.

Tefal is one of an industry benchmark and sets the standard in non-stick coating technology. The brand is recognised for the variety and originality of its offer and renowned for its Thermo-Spot heat indicator. Tefal has been supporting consumers for over 50 years with ingenious products that deliver healthy, balanced cooking and better results. From cookware to electric cooking, Tefal offers convivial solutions that provide pleasure to use every day.