Bosch Cordless Lawnmower Rotak 32 LI (1 Batteries, Grass Box 31 l, Cutting Width/Height: 32 cm/3-6 cm, In Cardboard Box)

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About this item

  • The Rotak 32 LI cordless lawnmower – a compact lawnmower for urban gardens
  • Cordless freedom due its light weight and no cables or exhaust fumes
  • Enjoy a comfortable and healthy working position while mowing with ErgoFlex handles
  • The grass combs ensure clean results along lawn edges, flowerbeds, walls and paths
  • Items included: Rotak 32 LI, 1x battery pack 36 V/2.0 Ah LI, AL 3620 CV charger, 31 l grass box, cardboard box
  • Weight : 10.4 kg

Product description

Style Name:1 Battery (2.0 Ah) |  Pattern Name:Single

The Bosch Rotak 32 LI is the ideal lawnmower for gardens up to 150 m sq. Equipped with a powerful 36 V lawnmower battery, the Rotak 32 LI cuts tall and thick grass effortlessly and reliably. The three-level cutting height adjuster guarantees a flexible and precise cut. The cordless lawnmower can be adjusted to suit anyone thanks to the Ergoflex system, ensuring perfect posture while mowing.

Weight: 10.4 kg
Dimensions: 60 x 39.5 x 28 cm; 10.4 Kilograms
Model: 0600885D73
Part: 0600885D73
Colour: Green
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium Ion
Manufacture: Bosch
Colour: Green
Quantity: 1

From the manufacturer

The Bosch Rotak 32 LI cordless lawnmower

The Rotak 32 LI cordless lawnmower is a convenient mower for urban gardens. The powerful motor and lithium-ion battery pack can handle even tall and damp grass with ease. It therefore allows both fast and efficient mowing without the irritation of tangled cables or the unpleasant smell of petrol.

Technical data

  • Battery voltage: 32 V / 2.0 Ah
  • Battery type: Lithium-Ion battery
  • Charge time | Quick charge time: 70 mins| 80% capacity in 40 mins
  • Cutting width: 32 cm
  • Cutting height: 30-60 cm
  • Grass box capacity: 31 l
  • Weight: 10.2 kg

Compact mower for urban gardens

The Rotak 32 LI makes lawn mowing child's play. With the lithium-ion battery supplied, you can enjoy unrestricted cordless mowing that delivers enough power to cut down to the last blade of grass.

Mowing right up to the edge

The Rotak 32 LI allows lawn mowing into the tightest corners thanks to the integrated grass combs allowing you to cut grass effortlessly along fences and edges. Sharp blades also ensure absolute precision.

Quiet yet powerful

The mower offers quiet lawnmowing, generating a noise output of just 74 dB (A). Thanks to its powerful 36 V, 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, the lawnmower has enough power to cut even tall grass without the need for a cable.

Effortless mowing

Our lawnmowers can be used on all terrains, including slopes and descents. Hinged handles ensure easy and space-saving storage.

Cordless flexibility with 36 V performance

With our cordless tools, we offer a genuine alternative to garden tools operated using mains electricity or petrol. Full power available at any time with no loss of performance.

Syneon chip for optimum power and endurance

As intelligent as electronics can be: The Syneon chip from Bosch facilitates energy-efficient work with lithium-ion powered cordless tools. It regulates energy based on requirements throughout the entire project.

Rotak 32 LI Rotak 370 LI Indego 350 Indego 350 Connect -with app function
Battery type/battery voltage 36 V / 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery 36 V / 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion battery 18 V / 2.5 Ah 18 V / 2.5 Ah
Charge time | Quick charge time 70 mins| 80% capacity in 40 mins 70 mins| 80% capacity in 30 mins 45 mins| – 45 mins| –
Cutting height 30-60 mm 20-70 mm 30-50 mm 30-50 mm
Cutting width 32 cm 37 cm 19 cm 19 cm
Recommended lawn area Up to 250 m² Up to 400 m² Up to 350 m² Up to 350 m²
Grass box capacity 31 l 40 l
Weight 10.8 kg 13.1 kg 7.5 kg 7.5 kg