Rider Electric Golf Trolley

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SALE PRICE: £243.73
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  • Ambidextrous controller
  • Features a huge 200W motor which will tackle the steepest of fairways and hills
  • A large 12V/33AH lead acid battery to allow for a comfortable 36 holes to be played without charging.
  • Auto cut off charger to prevent the battery from over charging.
  • Includes an abundance of FREE accessories that include, accessory station, umbrella holder, score card holder, drinks holder, rain cover and a carry bag

Product description

With a huge 200W motor, this Rider Electric Golf Trolley will tackle even the steepest fairways and hills. There are various speeds to choose from to give you the perfect range and power for all different courses. A 36ah Sealed battery will allow for a comfortable 36 holes to be played without charging. So you’ll never again run the risk of running out of power whilst on the golf course. The dual handle control caters for left and right handed golfers and the unique memory function allows you to pre set your required speed.

Without the battery the trolley is only 9.5kg making it one of the lightest on the market. Great value for money, this golf trolley can be assembled in just seconds and it includes quick release puncture proof wheels for your convenience.

Key Features

  • Ambidextrous controller
  • Super Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Aero dynamic battery base tray
  • Larger 262mm streamlined extra grip wheels
  • Free wheel mode
  • Modern Wheel Design
  • Auto cut off charger to prevent over charging
  • Adjustable gears (with a simple turn of the power knob)
  • Free golf bag rain cover, trolley carry bag, charger, battery bag, cup holder, umbrella holder, scorecard holder and free ball and tee holder.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • 200W Motor
  • Total weight including the battery is only 19kg
  • 432W rating 36ah 36 hole battery
  • 35 degree gradient climb
  • Folded dimensions: 820x530x320mm

    SKU: B01NH0TDO2
    Dimensions: 90 x 52 x 32 cm; 19 Kilograms
    Brand: Rider
    Colour: Black & Yellow
    Pack Quantity: 1
    Batteries Included: Yes
    Manufacture: Expressco Direct Limited
    Colour: Black & Yellow
    Department: Unisex
    Department: Unisex
    Quantity: 1

    From the manufacturer

    Golf Trolley

    Key Features

    • Powered by a 12v 36ah lead acid battery
    • Comfortably lasts a 36 hole game on one charge
    • Charger with auto cut off feature
    • Super lightweight aluminium frame
    • Free wheel mode
    • Easy to adjust gears
    • Larger 262mm streamlined extra grip wheels

    Lead Acid Electric Golf Trolley (Black & Yellow)

    Flexibility and convenience are truly the names of the game; the Pro Rider Electric Golf Trolley in Black and Yellow comprises of a 9.5kg aluminium frame that is lightweight yet sturdy to offer complete durability come rain or shine.

    Simply use the ambidextrous controller to navigate your battery powered golf trolley around uneven terrain and up steep fairways with absolute ease, choosing from seven different speed options that can be preset using the unique memory function feature. Most importantly, the 33ah lead acid battery lasts through a 36 hole game without needing a recharge, meaning that you can enjoy your time out on the green interruption-free.

    Folding Frame

    Lead Acid Battery

    Lightweight Frame

    Folds Down to a Compact Size

    Easily collapsible, the frame of this electric golf trolley folds down easily and quickly. Folding down to 82 x 53 x 32cm, it'll easily fit into cupboards and car boots.

    36 Hole Distance Range

    Thanks to a powerful motor and 12v 36ah lead acid battery, this electric golf trolley will comfortably last a 36 hole game on one charge.

    Lightweight Frame

    This electric golf trolley has a lightweight frame, meaning you can easily transport it to and from the green. At 9.5kg in weight, you won't need to worry about straining your back whilst moving the frame of this golf trolley around.

    2 Wheel Golf Trolley 3 Wheel Golf Trolley 3 Wheel Golf Trolley Lead Acid Golf Trolley Lithium Ion Battery Golf Trolley
    2 Wheel Push Golf Trolley 3 Wheel Push Golf Trolley 3 Wheel Deluxe Push Golf Trolley Lead Acid Electric Golf Trolley Lithium Ion Electric Golf Trolley
    Battery N/A N/A N/A 12V 36ah Lead Acid 14.4V 16ah Lithium Ion
    Distance Range N/A N/A N/A 36 holes 18 holes
    Folded Dimensions 88 x 38 x 61cm 105 x 45 x 39cm 105 x 51 x 39cm 82 x 35 x 32cm 84 x 56 x 40cm
    Weight 2kg 3.5kg 4kg 19kg 13kg
    Scorecard Holder
    Drinks Holder X
    Rain Cover X X X
    Carry Bag X X X
    Electric X X X
    LED Display X X X
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