Portable Air Cooler Conditioner, Table Conditioner 3 in 1 Cool Unit Personal Mini Air Conditioner Space Cooler Adjustable Evaporative Humidifier for Home Travel Office, Night Light with 7 Colors

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About this item

  • 【4-in-1 air cooler】: It is not only an air cooler conditioner, but also a fan/humidifier/night light. The Renfox water mist air cooler has a ring-shaped design with high wind speed and large amount of mist. The wind power of our product is set to three adjustment levels. You can control the wind power according to your preferences. Within a range of 4 meters, it can quickly cool down the air in the range, giving you a cool feeling.
  • 【Low-noise humidifier】: The atomization function is added on the basis of the air-conditioning fan, which is beneficial to alleviate the dry air. You can add some essential oils and fragrances to make the air fresh and pleasant; you can also add some mosquito repellent water or herbs to prevent mosquitoes from invading your surroundings. You can also use it as an aromatherapy machine in spring, autumn and winter. Increase Your Comfort.
  • 【2/4h timer shutdown function】: Just press time to select 2 or 4 hours timer shutdown. This 2/4H timer can be turned off regularly to avoid subconscious anxiety before you fall asleep. At the same time, it can save energy and contribute to environmental protection.
  • 【Seven night lights】: This product also has seven LED light designs. Different colors can adjust the light temperature at night, and you can adjust the light change according to your preferences to improve your sleep quality.
  • 【Best summer gift & 24 hour online service】: 1x personal air conditioner, 1x power adapter. Guarantee, we have a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your personal air cooler, please feel free to contact us. The small cooler is the best gift for family and friends in summer.
Weight: 1.07 kg
Dimensions: 31.2 x 18.5 x 15.4 cm; 1.07 Kilograms
Brand: RenFox
Model: LFS20

Product Description


Why is a summer portable air cooler a good choice?

This product uses ultrasonic technology to make water oscillate and break down into small cold mist molecules, you will feel cool when using it. Daily use only requires cold water and ice as raw materials, which is healthy and friendly. Three-speed air-flow, low-noise high air flow, relieve hot summer mood.




Super wind

Unlike traditional air coolers, our air coolers use an annular atomization mode so that the air conditioning can be spread over a larger area and create a cool summer for you.

Portable humidifier

The product has a fast atomization speed and a large amount of fog, which can quickly adjust the humidity of the surrounding air to make the air humid. You can choose to add any fragrance and essential oil to meet your requirements for fresh air!

Seven-color night light

The product also has built-in LED atmosphere lights of 7 different colors, and you can set any of the 7 colors. Not only can you create a romantic atmosphere for your room, you can also choose the color gradient mode or the monochrome mode to improve your sleep quality before going to bed.




Small air conditioner with 2 timers

The air cooler provides 2 timers (2 / 4h) . You can choose according to your needs.

3 air volumes

Our air coolers have three different wind speeds. You can always adjust them to different occasions and temperatures to find the most comfortable wind speed

Easy to use

Concise buttons and clear instructions will help you get to know this air cooler faster. The easy-to-open water tank offers great cleaning convenience.



1. Please do not add too much water to the water tank. When adding water and ice, make sure the product is turned off.

2. The humidification time depends on the amount of water remaining in the water tank. Cooling effect through ambient temperature or humidity and wetting effect.

3. Place this product on a flat surface. If you tilt the device, water may overflow from the base.

4.To prevent mold and bacteria, after adding essential oils and perfumes to the water tank, clean the water tank in time to extend the life of the product.

5. Children should use this product under adult supervision.

6.This product is a personal air conditioner which can effectively cool the user's environment and make the best effect in a small space.