Orbit B-hyve 94995 Bluetooth Hose Tap, Also Works as Extra Valve for 94990 Timer with Wi-Fi Hub, Grey

RRP PRICE: £48.95
SALE PRICE: £46.95
YOU SAVE: £2.00

  • Bluetooth control – use your mobile device’s Bluetooth functionality to control and program your B-hyve from within its Bluetooth signal range of up to 150 feet. The B-hyve app Works on both Android and iOS devices. You can program your timer through the app or with your web browser
  • Easy Wi-Fi upgrade – to control your B-hyve with your phone via Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth, pair with the B-hyve hub (sold separately). this also allows you to run Smart watering, which uses site conditions and live weather feeds to automatically adjust your controller to deliver the right amount of water to Your plants
  • Know the flow – your b-hyve’s built-in flow meter allows you to track water usage and can be measured by volume (gallons) or by time. This makes your timer perfect for all kinds of applications, including watering your plants, gardening, washing your car, filling your pool, and for greenhouse/hydroponic uses
  • Easy to install and use – Setup is very straight forward and simple. Just download the B-hyve app and create an account, then install your timer at your hose tap, then program your timer in minutes
  • Durability – The B-hyve is made to last, with a weatherproof and leak-free design that ensures timer performance and keeps the two AA batteries (not included) safe from the elements
Dimensions: 17 x 19 x 6 cm; 420 Grams
Model: 94995
Part: 94995
Manufacture: Orbit

From the manufacturer

The Smart Garden

APP Interface

WiFi and Bluetooth

Hose Tap Timer

Bring Smart to your Garden

Turn any outdoor hose into an app-controlled water source that can help you save time, water and money.

Thanks to automatic rain delays, B-hyve has saved over 8 billion gallons of water since 2016.

Control from Anywhere

B-hyve connects to Wi-Fi giving you complete control over your watering, no matter where you are.

No Wi-Fi? You can still connect to Bluetooth from up to 150 feet away and begin watering.

B-hyve Network Meshing

If you want to use multiple B-hyve timers in different locations, network meshing expands the strength of your signal, extending it from your Wi-Fi network to your entire B-hyve system. This allows you to effectively manage your entire garden while minimising inefficient water use.

Intuitive Systems

WeatherSense Technology

Built-in Flow Meter

Expandable System

WeatherSense Technology

Smart Watering automatically adjusts your watering based on site conditions including slope, soil type, sun/shade, historical ET and live weather feeds, delivering the exact amount of water your plant needs.

Know the Flow

The built-in flow meter lets you know how much water you are using to water your plants, wash your car or fill your poor. This allows you to water by volume not just by time. B-hyve also controls watering by seconds making it ideal not only for gardening but also for hydroponics and greenhouse applications.

Expandable System

Expand your system to control one or multiple timers with the B-hyve app. Combined with the network meshing enabled through Wi-Fi, the timers will communicate with each other to ensure they don't water simultaneously.

Easy to Use Technology

Downloadable B-Hyve App

Install Hub and Timer

Programme Timer with App

Download the B-hyve App

Get the free B-hyve app (available on Android and iOS) today by searching 'B-hyve' in your app store. Create an account to begin timer setup. Already a B-hyve user? Log in to your existing B-hyve account.

Install the Hub and Timer

Connect your B-hyve timer to an outdoor hose tap where its Bluetooth signal to the hub won't be obstructed. Pair to each device, turn on the water and let B-hyve do the work.

Programme your Timer with the App

Use the wizard in the app to help guide you through the initial setup. For access to a full user manual, videos and other materials, please visit the official website.