MYCARBON Desk Fan Quiet Cooling Fans Turbo 1800m³/h Electric Air Circulator Oscillating Fan Remote Control with ECO Mode for Table, Bedroom 9 inch [Energy Class A+++]

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About this item

  • ✔✔Creative Fan:Unlike the normal desk fan, this cooling fan’s unique turbine unit makes it blows the more concentrated air with the longer distance, quickly bring in fresh air and bring out the stuffy air, cool and healthy. ►► Also we added the new ECO mode this year which automatically adjust wind speed, much more energy saving than the old one!
  • ✔✔Silent Fans for Bedroom: Unique sleep mode, only from about 25dB, just like a a whisper, perfect for slight sleeper. ►►The 12 hours timer, set the cooling time you want! Beeps&display light can be turned off.
  • ✔✔9″ 3D Oscillating Fan: This whole room air circulator fan featured with both vertical and horizontal oscillating, provide the complete circulation of all the air throughout a room. The portable 9″ fan can be easily put on your bedside table or any corner, but it’s powerful enough for a 30m² living room.
  • ✔✔Remote Control Fan: You can control the fan by touching the touch control panel, also the 360° remote control can wake up the fan at any time and easily control the fan at any direction. This quiet fan particularly suitable for elderly, child, pregnant and who sensitive to wind.
  • ✔✔24 hours Customer Service+Brand Direct-sale Seller: We are the brand direct-sale seller, effectively respond your message in 24 hours, lifetime friendly customer service and support. Passed CE GS authentication, quality assurance.
Weight: 2.84 kg
Dimensions: 25.8 x 24.2 x 34.5 cm; 2.84 Kilograms
Model: 01
Colour: White
Colour: White

Product Description

mycarbon air fan
powerful fan

When you saw it at the first time, maybe you wonder that why this fan is so expensive? It's just looks like a normal desk fan, or just looks a little more intricate at best.

Actually, there're big differences between them!

  • The traditional fan makes you feel cool by evaporating your body water, and you have to close the fan to feel cool, so when you use the floor fan for a long time, you could feel your skin is dry and headache.
  • Air Circulator Fan works by air convective circulation to quick balance the room temperature thus you feeling cool in minutes, you don’t have to close to the fan and no worry of headache and skin problem! It's both a fan and an air circulator.
  • MYCARBON's room fan is very powerful (airflow up to 1800m³/h), you can just put it in a corner and you can get the fresh air, in addition, its vertical oscillation function allows the wind to blow to the same height as the foot fan, and the horizontal oscillation ensure that everyone is consistently comfortable no matter where they sit, not just those in the direct flow of the fan’s air.
  • And this air room fan moves air up to 20m, even you are far away from the fan, you can still feel the cool.
  • Besides the above, the biggest advantage of MYCARBON cooling fan is quiet. You must be bothered by the noisy fan, which made your ears tingling or hard to concentrate on work/study. The MYCARBON fan is only from about 25 dB, featured with 4 speeds, high speed can be used for the whole living room, low speed can be used for sleep and work.

whole room fans

In this special period, we have to stay home, home is the shelter where we can have a safety, so we need keep our room clean and healthy, apart of daily clean, we suggest that you put an air circulator fan in your room.

MYCARBON air fan can effectively waft away the dull heavy air and all harmful gas, bring the fresh air in, make your whole room with full fresh air which is great for your health!


  • Fan + air-conditioner/heater on summer/winter, quickly balance the indoor temperature in 3 minutes, improve 80% efficiency of air-conditioning/heater.
  • Fan + dehumidifier, humidifiers, air purifier, etc. in daily life, improve the efficiency of those machine, energy saving.
  • Be placed between two rooms or next to a window to get fresh air in and bring out hot air, breath the fresh air every day.
  • Help dry the room or clothes during the rainy season, especially in rainy season.

As your great partners in whole year


In this upgraded version, we added the unique ECO mode, it's very smart, automatically adjust the speed according to the room temperature, improve energy saving effect and better for user experience.

Besides, based on our customer feedback, we have improved the following:

Digital light can be turned on/off by remote control

Prompt tone("beep" sound) can be turned on/off by remote control

Warm tips:

We reveived some customer feedbacks, they said after monthes use, the noise raised up and the it's not powerful as before, this caused by the accumulated dust on the cover and blades,

Because of the unique design of the built-in turbo motor and wind tunnel structure, which makes it much more powerful than normal fans, but it also hasten the speed of soot deposit on blades and covers, which may caused the abnoraml noise or lower the wind speed, those problem will be solved after cleanning. So it is recommended to clean the fan blades and front and rear cover every 2 months. Only ONE screw to disassemble or install it, very easy to clean and maintain!

MYCARBON is always committed to providing the better products and more perfect service!

3 modes f

Unique 3 Wind Modes

Normal Mode: constant speed, makes you cooling quickly

ECO Mode: automatically adjust wind speed according to room temperature, effective and energy saving

Sleep Mode: very soft and comfortable, help you sleep better at night.

sleeping mode

Sleeping Mode

Sounds similar to a whisper or some rustling leaves, which makes it especially suitable for both of adult and children bedroom or study room

12 hours timmer, set the cooling time you want

Display light and the prompt tone can be turn on/off by remote control, no worries of disturbing your sleeping

ECO mode

ECO Mode

Very smart, automatically adjust wind speed according room temperature, 50% energy saving than normal fan on market

Besides, the comfortable wind speed avoids headaches and colds

turbo wind

Powerful Turbo Wind

Very powerful airflow, quickly bring you the better cooling feeling in hot summer

Easily cooling you even you are far away from the fan 20m

3 modes f

sleeping mode

ECO mode

turbo wind

smart fana

Full control of the airflow direction, with 70 ° left and right and 90 ° up and down (after the fan move up/down to 70°, you can manually adjust it 20° up/down)

Smart touch control display, easy to operation,

Magnetic remote can be easily attached on the fan body,

360 ° remote control (front at10m, back/ side at 4m), easily wake up the fan at any time.

Digital temperature displays the current room temperature (it turns off after turning on the fans)

Dense fan cover, avoid children’s fingers in, much more safe to use.

Built-in handle for easy carry everywhere;

And this personal fan with Diameter at only 22.8cm, which is very compact to be placed in living room desk, bedroom bedsides, office table etc