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Merysen Pizza Peel, Hard Anodized Aluminum Pizza Paddle with Handy Handle for Compact Storage, Perforated Pizza Oven Peel for Homemade Pizzas Bread

SALE PRICE: £33.99
YOU SAVE: £3.00

About this item

  • Our pizza peel is made of high quality hard anodized aluminum which is durable, rust free, resistant to high temperature, wear and corrosion. Plus, it is chemically stable. Thus, its nature ensures its long life, good performance and its food contact safety.
  • The shovel is filled with many holes to further decrease the weight of the paddle. The perforated design makes extra flour drain off and reduce fiction. With light weight, thin but hard shovel blade, detachable handle, this hard anodized aluminum pizza paddle works so well to save space and tiredness when transportation or storage.
  • Nearly non-porous surface can make you easily fly your pizza into or out of the oven. Cooperated with its slightly beveled edge, there is no way will you lose your pizzas from the first gliding. Its full length is 66 cm. Size of the blade: 39 cm * 30 cm. Large enough for most homemade pizzas and pizzas in the restaurant.
  • The handle is 27 cm long, easy to maneuver. The handle riveted joints enhance its durability. Suitable for small kitchens. Great for you to keep away from heat. The rubber sleeve insulate heat from the handle and make the handle easy to grip without slipping.
  • The pizza peel is quite easy to clean with hand. If you want to lazily pop it into the dishwasher, please choose a more neutral dish washing detergent. The shovel can withstand high temperatures up to 380℃. But please remember do not burn the shovel in an open flame exceeding 380℃.
Weight: 635 g
Dimensions: 39.7 x 30.9 x 2.8 cm; 635 Grams
Brand: Merysen
Model: LE

Product Description

Merysen Professional Pizza Peel for Homemade Pizzas


It is important to choose a good pizza peel.

Pizza peels are shovel-like tools that help you to create the most delicious pizzas right in your own kitchen. They are used for maneuvering pizzas into and out of your oven safely and quickly without spills and burns.

If you want to make pizzas by yourself, then a good pizza peel is a necessity for your kitchen. A good pizza peel will help you complete the job of dilevery much more quicker and safer.

For this purpose, you need to examine whether a pizza shovel meets the requirements from many aspects, including material, size, handle, and design of details.


A Great Kitchen Addition for Making Pizzas

Hard anodized aluminum pizza peel can contact with food safely and nicely for it is not easy to splinter, mould, rust and wear. Thin but robust blade slides dough and crust effortlessly into or out of the oven or the pizza stone.

Great size of the blade: 39 cm * 30 cm. Regular pizza paddle offers a larger surface area in contact with the pizza. Prevent spills of sauce, toppings or oil. It is more secure when removing the pizzas or bread.

Note: Using a little flour will help pizza to slide off the peel easier and makes no mess.



Prepare your favorite raw materials including sauces, meat, vegetables, etc. Then DIY pizzas, bread or delicate pastries with your family or friends in the kitchen, garden or parties. Delicious pizzas, games, laughings……

The clean-up after the gathering must be a headache for you. Don't worry. The hard surface of the pizza paddle will not be scratched easily, so it is safe to clean in the dishwasher. Just remember to use neutral detergent and air dry completely.

More Details





Perforated Pizza Paddle

Lighter and reduce the friction. Excess flour can escape through the holes onto the work top, avoiding it sticking to the pizza and burning during cooking. Your pizza crust will taste crispy.

Helpful Rivets

There are 3 rivets firmly connecting the blade and the handle. Easy to install and easy to detach. Then it is much easier to store and transport your pizza peel.

Bevelled-Edge Peel Head

The peel head is milled at the front in order to help you glide prepared or cooked pizzas effortlessly without destroying the pizza crust.

Good-Grip Handle

The handle is long enough to keep your hands and arms away from flames or hot surfaces. It is the rubber sleeve assembled around the handle that resists some heat and offers a non-slip lifting.



Material: hard anodized aluminum

Color: dark grey

Weight: 660 g

Whole Size: 66 cm * 30 cm