M.Y X-Skate Adjustable Quad Roller Skates Black & Red

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About this item

  • DESIGNED FOR FIRST TIME SKATERS: The high impact boot shell and chassis allows for maximum stability while protecting the feet.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: The semi soft material allows for easy, natural movements and the skates can be adjusted to fit your foot. Three different closures ensure the best fit around the foot and ankle.
  • SAFETY FIRST: The PVC cushion and front wheel brake make stopping both safe and easy to reduce the chances of injury. The PU wheels and ABEC-7 Bearings are long lasting, resistant to damage and flat spots, and give the smoothest ride.
  • STYLISH: The skates feature a sleek black design with pops of colour to accentuate the vibrant wheels.
  • SIZING: The skates can be easily adjusted from UK size 12.5 – 2. It is recommended to go for the next size up if at the top end of the adjustable size.

Product Description

  • Thick Padding
  • Adjustable sizing
  • ABEC-7 Carbon Steel Bearing
  • PVC Cushion with PVC Stopper
  • 54 x 32 mm PU Wheels
  • Max Weight 60KG

Adjustable Quad Skates

The M.Y X-Skate Quad Skates are designed with safety and stability in mind, perfect for first time skaters. The padded, cushioned boot with a triple locking system ensures that feet stay secure in the boot while the semi-soft boot structure allows comfortable and natural movements whilst still providing plenty of ankle support.

The quad skates offer adjustable sizing, ensuring the perfect fit, even as children's feet grow.

  • All M.Y Quad Skates come in a sleek black with coloured wheels and matching accents (Available in Red, Blue, or Pink)

Super Comfortable

The semi soft boot and padded, cushioned ankle support adds that extra bit of comfort and maneuverability while you skate.

Built to Last

The sturdy trucks are built from durable materials less susceptible to damage, they last through use after use!

Smooth Glide

The PU wheels are resistant to flat spots, and have been paired with top quality ABEC-7 bearings for super smooth skating.

Adjustable Sizing

The skates feature flexible sizing and the boot can be adjusted to fit growing feet to get the maximum use out of your skates.

Triple Locking System

The boot features lacing, a hook and eye strap, and a safe lock buckle strap to ensure the skates fit comfortably around the whole of the foot and ankle. They feel nice and secure on the foot and add maximum comfort and support while skating.

Front Brake Stoppers

The skates feature a cushioned PVC brake stopper on the front of each boot so that learners can practice important skating skills like coming to a stop safely and controlling their speed. The stoppers can even be used for tricks when the essential skills have been mastered!

Easier Balancing

The four wheeled quad-skate design enables a more even distribution of weight across the skates for that extra bit of stability, great for beginners to get to grips with their balance while they're learning the basics.

Dimensions: 44 x 29 x 12 cm; 2.4 Kilograms
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Reference: TY6009

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