Lafuma Transport bag Recliners (+ Siesta) Carrying case sunbed L, 83×102

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About this item

  • Practical carrying case with handles for transporting and storing Futura recliners, R-Clip, RSX, RSXA and the Siesta L sunbed
  • Carrying case for easy storage or for protecting your Siesta L recliner or sunbed from bad weather and other damage
  • Ideal for camping
  • Practical and easy to use with zipper and carrying straps
  • Contents: 1 x Lafuma Carrying case for recliner and sunbed Siesta L, Dimensions: 83×102, Colour: Anthracite, LFM2671-0006
Dimensions: 80.01 x 131.5 x 3.99 cm; 699 Grams
Model: LFM26710006
Part: LFM26710006
Manufacture: Lafuma

From the manufacturer


Protect your garden furniture

This carrying case is ideal for transporting and storing sun loungers, deckchairs, Sunside sun beds and all Lafuma recliners. It protects your garden furniture from bad weather and other damage.

At a glance:

  • Easy storage system
  • Resistant fabric
  • Zippered closure and transport straps
  • Ideal for camping

Environmentally responsible

In the first place, design comfortable products while also using less energy, adding value to waste materials and optimising our material purchasing. For a few years we have been committed to a policy of environmentally responsible supply: we use partially recycled steel and aluminium and our fabrics carry the “Oeko Tex” label.

Made in France

The certification "Origine France Garantie" ensures a French manufacture of our garden furniture in our plant of Anneyron in the Drôme.

Environmentally responsible

Made in France

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