Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

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About this item

  • Graphic target ID cursor (12 segments)
  • Discrimination, accept/reject notch
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Sensitivity & depth adjustment (8 settings)

Product description

Style Name:Metal Detector

Electronic Pinpointing: to precisely locate target and speed recovery

Accept/Reject Discrimination: to modify discrimination patterns

Five Search Modes: select pre-set discrimination pattern or create your own

Continuous Coin Depth Indicator: to determine target depth

Battery Condition Indicator: shows battery life continually

Expanded Target ID Legend: easy-to-read above large LCD screen

Pushbutton Controls: with One-Touch operation

Note:- The Ace 250 was not designed to work under water. The detector might have been damaged when it got submerged in the water. Detector is rain proof but do not submerge the control box as it may damage the electronic components. Use new batteries- turn on the detector and test it, passing a coin in front of the coil to test sensitivity and sound. If detector , gives a sound when the coin passes over the coil, detector is ready

Weight: 1.2 kg
Dimensions: 28.19 x 56.13 x 12.95 cm; 1.2 Kilograms
Model: 1140070
Part: 1139070
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Alkaline
Manufacture: Garrett Metal Detectors
Quantity: 1

From the manufacturer


  • 6.5" x 9" PROformance submersible searchcoil (as shown)

Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector

Garrett has placed big features into the ACE 250 excellent detection depth, rugged design and ease of operation.

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