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Breville VKT124 HotCup Hot Water Dispenser, 3 KW Fast Boil, Adjustable Cup Height, 1.7 Litres, Gloss Black [Energy Class A]

RRP PRICE: £54.99
SALE PRICE: £39.99
YOU SAVE: £15.00

About this item

  • Dispenses one cup of boiling water at the touch of a button, so you only boil what you need
  • One-touch operation with hinged lid for easy filling: perfect for those that cannot lift a heavy kettle
  • Manual stop option for full control and Non-slip feet
  • Removable, adjustable drip tray means no worktop mess
  • Large front water window makes accurate filling easy

Product description

Style Name:VKT124 HotCup – Black

Product Description

They say a watched pot never boils, and anyone who has stood impatiently by the kitchen counter knows the same can certainly be said for a kettle in a busy family. That’s why the Breville HotCup Water Dispenser is a lifesaver for hectic family kitchens, capable of boiling water for your favourite hot drink in less than a minute. Whether you are a time-conscious young professional or an economy-conscious parent, the HotCup’s super-efficient design has a variety of benefits for anyone looking for a better way to brew up. The massive 1.7l capacity means that the HotCup can hold an impressive eight cups of water, perfect for those large rounds of hot drinks where everyone in the room accepts your polite offer. Boiling water is dispensed at the touch of a button and an accurate stop function means you’re always in control – no more overflowing mugs when you’re trying to get the right volume of water. The large water window also makes accurate filling easy, so you never run out of water halfway through making the teas and coffees. What’s more, with a patented variable height drip tray, Breville’s HotCup Water Dispenser lets you fill everything from your brother’s comedy two-pint mug to your mum’s tiny teacup without ever spilling a drop. From the stylish and sleek appearance to the permanent, fuss-free limescale filter, this is a water dispenser where every element of design has been crafted with user experience in mind.3kW heating element for rapid boiling times.

Box Contains

1 x Breville Hot Water Dispenser
1 x Instruction Booklet

Weight: 1.65 kg
Dimensions: 31.3 x 28.6 x 23.7 cm; 1.65 Kilograms
Brand: Breville
Model: VKT124
Colour: Black
Colour: Black

From the manufacturer

At a Glance
  • Dispenses water at the touch of a button
  • Boils water in 1 minute
  • Height adjustable, removable drip tray
  • 1.7L (6-8 cup) capacity
  • Separate stop button so you can stop mid cycle
  • Energy-efficient design boils only the water it uses
  • Large water opening makes filling easy
  • Sleek black finish

Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser, Adjustable Tray, 1.7 Litre, Black

Enjoy Hot Drinks Big or Small in 1 Minute or Less

Quickly enjoy any size hot drink at the press of a button with the Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser. Boiling water in under a minute, it delivers tea, instant coffee, cocoa and more without the wait or waste. The large tank holds up to 8 cups and thanks to a height-adjustable drip tray, you can fill everything from your brother’s comedy over-sized mug to your mum’s tiny teacup without ever spilling a drop or creating a splash. Meanwhile, a stylish design complements the modern kitchen. Enjoying delicious hot drinks has never been simpler.

Hot Water Dispenser Includes:

  • 1.7L water tank
  • Removable, height-adjustable drip tray
  • Permanent limescale filter

Simple, Instant Boiling Water

Push the button and in under a minute you enjoy 250 mL of boiling water for ultra-fast tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate and more. There's also a stop button so you get precisely the right pour.

Easy Fill Water Tank

The big, easy open water tank makes it fast to fill while the 1.7L capacity delivers up to 8 hot drinks so it can handle heavy use. It's as easy as a kettle but faster and with less waste.

Height Adjustable Drip Tray

From tiny cups to big brews, the adjustable drip tray moves with a smooth magnet, making it easy to enjoy hot drinks of all shapes and sizes. You can even remove the drip tray entirely for larger jobs.

Stylish and Easy to Clean

Sleek, attractive and designed with clean lines, it's the perfect addition to every kitchen or office. The permanent, fuss-free limescale filter makes it easy to clean and maintain.

The Perfect Kitchen Accessory

The Breville HotCup is designed to boil a cup of water in a matter of seconds, meaning great hot drinks at the touch of a button. By boiling only enough water for the number of cups you need, the HotCup is economical and energy efficient.

At full capacity, the tank will provide up to 8 hot drinks. Also featuring a permanent limescale filter, you'll be assured your water will look and taste great too.

Breville HotCup Dispenser, VKJ142 Breville HotCup Dispenser with Cup Size Select, VKJ318 Breville HotCup Dispenser with Height Adjust, VKT124 Breville HotCup Dispenser with Cup Select and Height Adjust, VKT111 Breville BRITA HotCup Dispenser with Cup Select, VKJ367
Capacity 1.5L 2.0L 1.7L 2.0L 1.8L
Time to Boil 60 Seconds 60 Seconds 60 Seconds 60 Seconds 60 Seconds
Large Water Window
Manual Stop Function
Drip Tray Removable Removable Removable and Height Adjustable Removable and Height Adjustable Removable
Cup Size Selector
Filter Permanent Limescale Filter Permanent Limescale Filter Permanent Limescale Filter Permanent Limescale Filter BRITA Filter with MAXTRA Technology