Amazon Brand – Umi Pack of Two White Goose Feather Pillows with 100% Cotton Fabric (48 x 74cm,Medium Firm)

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About this item

  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Includes pack of two 48 x 74cm pillows filled with premium white goose feathers. 850 fill weight, medium firm
  • FABRIC: 100% cotton with brushed finish. Soft, down-proof, hypoallergenic and breathable★A Great Gift Idea for Your Family or Friends!★
  • THREE-CHAMBER CONSTRUCTION: The three-chamber design features a breathable, down-proof lining which prevents unpleasant pricks and irritation.It also ensures maximum comfort for any sleeping position
  • COMPLETE COMFORT: Our pillows are made with carefully selected 2-4cm premium white goose feather, providing optimal support for your head, shoulder and neck areas. They’re perfect for all types of sleepers: back, side and stomach
  • SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE: We are Amazon Licensed Brand.Certified by IDFL, DOWNPASS and OEKO-TEX.DOWNPASS is a leading standard for animal welfare in down and feathers,no live-plucking and really ecological product

Product Description

A lifestyle brand with a mission to create a wide range of cutting-edge tech products, allowing people to make the most of a multitude of different activities. We believe innovative products should be accessible, while offering outstanding value for money. Essentials does just that.

The Perfect Pillow for Every Sleeper

Comparing Bellavie Home pillows to find your perfect bedroom companion?

Don’t worry — we have made countless sleepers happy and will help you find the right pillow.

Pillows designed for people with different needs

The medium firm one is softer, suitable for those who like to sleep on their back.

The firm one is harder than the former, suitable for those who like to sleep on their side

Comply with R.D.S Standards

The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) aims to ensure that down and feathers come from animals that have not been subjected to any unnecessary harm. It is our hope that the standard can be used to reward and influence the down and feather industry to incentivize practices that respect the humane treatment of ducks and geese.

The feathers used in our pillows strictly comply with the RDS standards and are truly harmless to animals.

Reasons for Chosing Goose Down Pillows

1.Feather pillows have a certain degree of elasticity and are not too soft. They can adequately support the head and neck, especially for patients with poor cervical spine.

2.Goose feathers have a large surface area and contain a certain amount of grease. Therefore, after absorbing moisture, they can quickly evaporate and keep the body dry.

3.If a high-quality goose feather is properly maintained, the service life of the pillow can be as high as 30 years.

  • Powerful moisture absorption performance
  • Better Quality Sleep and the Associated Benefits
  • Relieve cervical spine problems
  • Excellent durability
  • Better Temperature Control
  • Naturally Anti-Allergenic

Fluff Up The Pillow in Right Way

Fluff Up The Pillow

UMI pillows are strictly vacuum-sealed for shipping,

and fluffing up the pillow you purchase will make it recover original looks shown as images. Let air get into the pillow within 24h to inflate entirely and completely. Or you can press and swing the pillow a few times to accelerate expansion.

Do Massage To The Pillow

Patting the pillow to make it fluffy and help to retain its original look?

Close, but no cigar. You still need do massage to the pillow evenly for 3 minutes or so, then the pillow will returen to the proper shape you anticipate.

Comfort, Support and More

The medium firm one is softer, suitable for those who like to sleep on their back, and it offers trapped feeling in clouds.

The firm one is harder than the former; the height slightly higher. Those who like to sleep on their side can give privilege to it which will make you feel more supportive and secure.

An Ideal Choice for Bedding

UMI is a well-known (known very well) Amazon-run brand, and we get through numerous strict tests (like 12 Labours of Hercules): quality control, environmental contamination requirement, detrimental material detection and etc.

FillingFabricColorTogSeasonSizeMachine WashableDryable
15% goose down+85% goose feather+rose essential oils100% Polyester15% goose down+85% goose feather85% white down15% goose down+85% goose feather
100% cotton100% cotton100% cottoncotton100% cotton
All seasonAll seasonAll seasonSummerAll season
Single,Double,King,Super-Kingsingle,double,king size;super king sizeSingle,Double,King,Super-KingSingle,Double,KingSingle,Double,King,Super-King
Weight: 2.46 kg
Dimensions: 73.99 x 47.98 x 3 cm; 2.46 Kilograms
Brand: Umi
Colour: White-medium Firm
Colour: White-medium Firm

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