Hifu Face Lifting Machine RF Facial Machines Skin Tightening Machine for Contouring Radiofrequency Beauty Instrument for Home Use Massager Women Wrinkle Remover Anti Aging Device

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  • 【Multifunctional Hifu Machine】This hifu face lifting machine is mainly for face contouring and firming. The anti aging device for women is safe and can solve a variety of skin problems such as forehead wrinkle, eye bag, crows-feet, fine lines, sagging skin, double chin, and fat face, make your skin elastic, full and rosy. You can conveniently use the portable and compact rf facial machines anytime anywhere you want
  • 【HIFU Function】High frequency focused ultrasound uses ultrasound as a source of energy to transfer thermal energy to the skin and subcutaneous tissues, penetrates deeply, and focuses on the SMAS fascia, which strongly impacts the dermal tissue. It stimulates the regeneration of collagen, thereby improving skin elasticity and skin complexion. By using this wrinkle remover machine, you can remove neck wrinkles, improve flabby skin, reduce dark circle, and tighten skin
  • 【RF and LED Function】Radiofrequency stimulates collagen fibers to contract immediately, make your skin become firm and smooth. The fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue layer will be heated to reduce the volume, thereby achieving the effect of reshaping V face and lessening face swelling. Blue light is suitable for acne skin and oily skin. It can prevent bacteria and soothe sensitive skin. Red light can accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism
  • 【How to Use the Mini HIFU Machine】Clean your face and apply skin care essence on it. Turn on the rf skin tightening machine by pressing switch button for 3 seconds. Adjust 3 levels by pressing level button. Press switch button to change blue light to red light, the massager will work for 4 seconds. Attach the massage head on your face completely. You can stay on a certain point or lift up your skin during use. Turn off the machine by pressing switch button for 3 seonds
  • 【Note】Please avoid eyeballs and pomum when using the home use device. Do not wear too much makeup on the day after using the beauty instrument. Apply a mask every day within three days after use. Within a week after use, do not expose yourself to the sun or high-temperature environment, do not eat foods that are highly pigmented or spicy and do not drink alcohol

Product description

Face Contouring Machine Applications:
Face wrinkles, sagging face, crows-feet, nasolabial folds, cheilogramma, fat face, and so on.

Wrinkle Remover Machine for Face (HIFU+RF+LED):
Hifu facial machines can transfer thermal energy to the skin and subcutaneous tissues, penetrate deeply on the SMAS fascia layer,
stimulate the regeneration of skin collagen, thereby increasing skin elasticity and lifting the face.

Radio frequency facial machine can make the water molecules in the collagen vibrate and rotate at a speed of millions of times per second,
so that the collagen fibers contract and tighten, lifting your skin and stimulating collagen regeneration.

LED Face Light Therapy:
Blue light: treat acne and oily skin.
Red light: collagen regeneration and wrinkle removal.

Non-applicable Group:
People with built-in instruments, pregnant women, patients with heart disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism, patients with surgical wounds,
patients with advanced tumors, and people taking Accutane, Roaccutane or orange.

Package Including:
Hifu Machine x 1
Power Adapter x 1
Manual x 1
Box x 1

Dimensions: 24.5 x 11.5 x 6.7 cm; 440 Grams
Brand: Maqiao
Manufacture: Maqiao
Reference: ADHF004