Wolfcraft 5501000 TS 850, Folding Trolley , Hand Truck, Sack Truck, Max Capacity 100 KG, multi colored

Wolfcraft 5501000 TS 850

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Product description

Product Description

wolfcraft TS 850 Transport System The TS 850 Transport System from wolfcraft is ergonomically designed with comfort and versatility in mind, for the transportation of loads of up to 100 kg without getting tired. Operating the hand truck is child’s play: Simply push the carrying platform under the load, secure the load with the lashing strap and use the practical tip assist to bring the hand truck into position to roll. A sturdy, rounded pivot bar means round objects such as flowerpots can also be transported easily. The rounded, rubberised grip bar makes the hand truck comfortable to handle, even when carrying heavy, bulky items. Large wheels guarantee problem-free outdoor use, even on rough surfaces or steps and the smart 3-point fastening with many fitting options serves to increase versatility and safety. The hand truck is also foldable, making it a real space-saver. Folded up, it will fit comfortably in any car boot or stow away neatly in a storeroom. The folding hand truck is delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Product details • Part number: 5501000 • Max. load-bearing capacity: 100 kg • Height: max. 110 cm • Dimensions: 54 x 47 x 110 cm, folded: 50 x 82 x 7.7 cm • Weight: 5.6 kg wolfcraft An award-winning, reputable and trusted German DIY brand. Since 1949 the wolfcraft brand has been synonymous with the development and production of high-quality tools and product innovations to meet the needs of DIY enthusiasts. Today, over 530 employees in 16 countries work on developing products that are not only innovative, but continuously improved upon, driving progress in the tools and accessories sector forwards.

Box Contains

5501000 – TS 850 folding trolley, high bearing capacity: 100 kg

Dimensions: 12.6 x 15.6 x 1.1 cm; 5.6 Kilograms
Model: 5501000
Manufacture: WOLFCRAFT

From the manufacturer

hand truck, foldable hand truck, transport truck

Strong helpers for heavy loads

TS 850 – convenient hand truck for all your needs

Technical data:

  • Weight: 5.6 kg
  • Max. height: 110 cm
  • Dimensions when folded up: 500 x 820 x 77 mm
  • Dimensions when fully assembled: 540 x 1110 x 470 mm
  • Max. load-bearing capacity: 100 kg

The TS 850 from wolfcraft is delivered fully assembled and folded-up in the transport carton. Set up, the transport aid measures 54 x 47 x 110 cm. The rounded, rubberised grip bar can be pulled out to the desired height for fatigue-free, ergonomic transport. Simply use one hand to push the locking button at the centre and use the other hand to pull the handle to the desired height up to a maximum of 110 cm. The rounded bar leaves plenty of free space for your hands even when transporting high, bulky objects.

Despite its low weight of 5.6 kg, this hand truck can easily handle loads of up to 100 kg. There is also plenty of space on the sturdy 49 x 28 cm cast aluminium platform. Two arched back struts secure the material transported and are perfect for round objects such as flower boxes or gas bottles. Simply push the lift plate under the materials to be transported, secure them with the strap, use the tilting aid to move into the rolling position and off you go.

Practical work aid and space-saving wonder!

Whether water crates, the shopping or flower boxes – the TS 850 transport system from wolfcraft makes life easier and, thanks to the quick-folding mechanism, it is ready for use in no time. Folded up, this incredible space-saver measures a mere 50 x 82 x 7.7 cm. This means that it fits in small car boots and can quickly be stowed behind the door of your storage room. The puncture-proof profile wheels, measuring 18 cm in diameter, are perfect for both indoors and out. They can even handle steps.

The various adjustments required for handling are clearly explained in an illustration included with the delivery.

Summary: the TS 850 transport system from wolfcraft offers ample load capacity for everyday transport tasks and can effortlessly be folded down very flat.

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TS 600 TS 850 TS 1000
Description The portable mode of transport The comfortable way to transport loads The all-rounder: hand truck and wheelbarrow in one
Max. load 70 kg 100 kg 150 kg (hand truck function), 200 kg (wheelbarrow function)
Intrinsic weight 3.9 kg 5.6 kg 15 kg
Made in Europe
Max. height 104 cm 110 cm 126 cm
Dimensions when fully assembled 43 x 105 x 44.5 cm 54 x 47 x 110 cm 61 x 126 x 55 cm
Dimensions when folded up 43 x 73 x 6 cm 50 x 82 x 7.7 cm 61 x 80 x 52 cm
wolfcraft part number 5505000 5501000 5520000

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