Toncur Massage Gun Deep Tissue, Muscle Massager Ultra-Quiet 38dB with 30 Speeds, 3200RPM, 105° Handheld 6 Massage Heads, for Athletes,Gym, Office Sedentary Pain Relief (30 Speeds, Blue)

Toncur Massage Gun Deep Tissue

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About this item

  • 【35W Brushless Motor Penetrate Deep Muscle】With the help of a 35W brushless motor of high torque, the maximum speed of the Toncur deep tissue massage gun reaches 3200 rpm, which activates a 14mm muscle group in 30 seconds and relieves pain in 2 minutes
  • 【 Only 38dB Noise & Super Quiet 】 Dual bearing design and built-in AI mute chip, this muscle massage relaxation gun effectively reduces the noise to 38-42dB while effectively reducing vibration. It is just like the whisper, without bothering others. Physical therapist can talk to the athletes even it is massaging, no need to yell at them
  • 【 Ergonomics 105° Handheld 】 You can massage over 90% of body parts by yourself with thoughtful design of 105° handle, especially blind back area. This self-myofascial release gun weighs 0.8KG, so your hand won’t feel tired when using it. One charging can be used for 2 weeks, bright LED indicator on the bottom of handle clearly shows remaining battery
  • 【30 Speeds * 6 Replacement Heads】6 customized massager heads using soft and skin-friendly materials, which are tailored for each part of the body. 30 adjustable speeds to allow you to choose a more suitable punching force and speed. Using the LCD touch screen, long press can continuously accelerate, fast and convenient
  • 【Worry-Free Purchase & Better Service】The heat dissipation performance is 30% higher than other massage guns. Effectively prolong the life of the engine over 10 years. The included protective carrying case securely holds your power massager and all its accessories, allowing you to take the massage gun along with you wherever you go. We also provide 24-hour professional service with a satisfactory solution

Product Description

Become your own physical therapist due to the special situation

Worried about not getting timely treatment for muscle soreness?

Now you need a professional massage gun to be your own private family therapist.

What makes Toncur MG-028 Massage Gun Stand Out?

  • POWERFUL ENOUGH – 35W Brushless high-torque motor that delivering max 3200 percussions per minute deep to 14mm muscles. 80% of the motors on the market are brushless motors below 30W and the depth less than 12mm. Toncur better relieve deep muscles and improve massage efficiency.
  • QUIET ENOUGH – Adopt advanced AI+ABS+Brushless Motor technology to keep minimize the noise value to 38dB-42dB, compare with others of 50db.
  • ERGONOMIC 105° ANGLE HANDHELD – More suitable for personal use than a massage gun with a 90-degree grip. Self massage more than 90% of the body areas.
  • MULTIPLE CHOICES : 30 speed levels + 6 massage heads. Provide professional targeted mode for each part of your body.
  • MUCH LIGHTER – Weighs 0.8kg less than a bottle of 500ml water which is 1kg. Do not feel tired even use for a long time.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE- Thinner and longer handle make you easy to hold. ABS polymer material provides a smooth grip with slight vibration.

Toncur, a flagship brand derived from ABOX, keep focus on personal care and electronic products. WHERE CARE IS OUR CALLING. We engage in providing product with superb quality combining with latest technology and most timely customer services. Especially value the experience of every customer. Development and innovation, we are always on the way.

Have you ever tried old, noisy massage gun that bog down or die quickly?

Our powerful massage gun has ‘whisper quiet’ motor and long-lasting battery:

Promotes circulation

Improves range of motion

Muscle activation and recovery

Helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness

Lightweight, easy-to-use for self-myofascial release

  • 38dB low working noise
  • 35W brushless high-torque motor
  • 14mm amplitude deep tissue massage
  • 30 speeds x 6 massage heads
  • 0.8kg lightweight with portable case

AI Smart Chips

Using AI smart chip, equipped with ABS dual bearing design, effectively reduce noise, strong power and not shake hands

Sensitive LCD Touch Screen

LCD screen display the massage speed, long press + or -, you can quickly adjust to the gear you want, all speeds are under your control

LED Charge Indicator

Each grid light represents 20% of the electricity, which is concise and intuitive, clear at a glance

Corresponding massage heads for relevant age groups:

Ball Head: The most frequently used massage head, is suitable for almost every part of the body.

U-shape Head: Suitable for people with stiff shoulders and sore necks, such as housewife and office worker

Bullet Head: Massage joints and legs, suitable for people who stand for a long time, such as workers, teachers, mountaineers, and dancers

Air Plug Head: Softer and more gentle, suitable for the aged

Mushroom-Shape Head: Equipped with prominent points on the surface, massaging large breast muscles suitable for athletes or exercisers

Arc-Shaped Head: Exclusive massage head designed for Europeans and Americans, the curvature of the massage head better fits the leg

Bored at home? Toncur come!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long is the charging time? Can I use other chargers to charge the massage gun?

A: It can be fully charged in 3 hours. Due to the unique circuit protection function of our charger, please use the included charger to charge.

Q: How to choose a suitable speed?

A: 1-10x speed: Relax & wake up muscle, like warming up before exercise;

11-20x speed: Fascial release and eliminates lactic acid, like running, sitting at home for a long time and standing for a long time, etc.;

21-30x speed: Deep tissue massage, like football, rugby, crossFit, weight training, etc.

Q: What's the difference between 16mm depth and 12mm?

A: The muscle of the body is wrapped by the fascia and intense exercise causes fascia and muscle damage, resulting in muscle stalemate and pain. Massage can promote the exchange of liquid in the fascia, with bigger depth, the intensity is more accurate and the recovery is more efficient. At the same time, the own vibration effect can eliminate muscle stiffness and relieve muscle soreness after overwork.

Adjustable SpeedWorking TimeWorking NoiseAmplitudePower of Brushless MotorLCD Touch ScreenFeaturesAccessoriesSuitable for
30 Levels (1200-3200 RPM)30 Levels (1200-3200 RPM)30 Levels (1200-3200 RPM)
6-8 hours6-10 hours6-10 hours
Low NoiseMulti-Massage HeadsHD Screen; Timing Function
Massage Head x6 with Carriyng BagMassage Head x8 with Carriyng BagMassage Head x6 with Carriyng Bag
New user/Gym-goers/ Physiotherapist/Office Workers/ElderlyNew user/Gym-goers/ PhysiotherapistFitness Enthusiasts/Office Workers/Elderly/Physiotherapy
Weight: 0.82 Kilograms
Brand: Toncur

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