Reebok Deck – Black

Reebok Deck - Black

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About this item

  • The Reebok Deck is an evolution of the iconic Reebok Step and is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment on the market today. Combining aerobics and strength training, the Deck’s reconfigurable design provides you with total control over your workout. With more than 20 setup combinations, there are dozens of exercises that can be done
  • With two heights to choose from (20 cm and 35 cm), you can step, jump and lunge your way to improved aerobic fitness. When you switch the Deck to an incline bench configuration and integrate weights into your workout, you have an effective way to build upper body strength. Set the Deck to decline and attach resistance tubes for standing rows and abdominal crunches. There are dozens of combinations and the results will speak for themselves. Setting a strong foundation, the Reebok Deck has a max. load of 150 kg
  • Take a look inside the Deck and you’ll find a convenient storage compartment for your workout accessories, such as dumbbells and resistance tubes. It’s a good way to save on space the declutter your workout space
  • Make the most of the six integrated clips on each side of the Deck and under the feet to attached resistance tubes for numerous strength-based exercises. These can be used on either an incline or decline position, seated or standing
  • The Deck comes fully assembled and ready to transform your workouts. It’s hard-wearing, water-resistant, lightweight, easy to transport and continues to define what a serious piece of fitness kit can do

Product description

Colour:Black |  Style Name:Deck

Product Description

In a class of its own. The latest evolution of the classic Reebok Step, the Reebok Deck expands your workout options for both bodyweight and weighted training. Ideal for home cardio, strength, and toning workouts; the Deck’s three-position adjustment (incline, decline and flat) provides an adaptable platform to match your training regime. The reconfigurable Reebok Deck broadens your workout options for total home training; providing all the tools needed for limitless workouts.

Box Contains

1x Deck

Dimensions: 121 x 33 x 20 cm; 12.6 Kilograms
Model: RSP-16170
Material: Other
Colour: Black
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Assembly: No
Colour: Black
Material: Other

From the manufacturer


Reebok Deck – In A Class Of Its Own

The latest evolution of the classic Reebok Step, the Reebok Deck expands your workout options for both bodyweight and weighted training. Ideal for home cardio, strength, and toning workouts; the Deck provides an adaptable platform to match your training regime.

Product Features




Bobble Surface Grip

Designed with a rubberised bobble surface texture, the Reebok Deck is both durable and gripped; helping to ensure you don't slip during your workouts.

Convinient Internal Storage

Featuring an internal storage compartment, the Deck helps to keep your space tidy with room for dumbbells, resistance tubes or any other small training accessory.

Tube Attachment Points

With six tube attachment points on each side of the Deck (four on the surface and one on each base) you're able to add resistance to your sessions for more effective reps.

Vary Your Workouts With Three Deck Positions





Featuring two heights to choose from (20 & 35 cm) the Deck's flat position offers boundless exercise options to transform any bodyweight, aerobic or weighted session.


With the Deck's incline setting, you're able to vary your exercises by performing seated/lying press, fly or curl variations. This mode helps to focus on upper body strength.


Also offering an easy decline setting, you're able to fold one base and make use of the resistance tube clips for row variations or to perform core-focused movements.

9 Power Deck Moves




1) Incline Push-Up

Set the deck at an incline to target the chest,

shoulders and triceps. This progression of the places more emphasis on the upper body.

2) Lying Tricep Extension

Using a barbell or pair of dumbbells, lying tricep extensions target the arms to strengthen and tone.

3) Front Raise

Either standing or seated with the tube under the Deck’s feet, the front raise strengthens the chest, traps and anterior delts.

4) Bulgarian Split Squat

The Bulgarian split squat or rear foot elevated squat is a compound move that builds the glutes and quads. Add weight once perfected.

5) Standing Row

The standing row is a great exercise to target the back. Attach a resistance tube under the Deck’s feet solid and effective sets.

6) Low Row

With a resistance tube attached and your feet steadying the Deck, perform low row’s to strengthen your upper back and shoulders.

7) Bench Press

Working at an incline on the Deck you can target the upper chest and front delts to strengthen with a barbell or dumbbells.

8) Deck Pec Fly

With the Deck set to a flat or incline back position, use a set of dumbbells for pec fly’s and develop chest strength.

9) Tricep Dips

Tricep dips are a great bodyweight movement to build arm strength. With rubber gripped feet, the Deck will stay put for stronger reps.

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