Omron WheezeScan – Portable Wheeze Detector for Asthma sufferers, Relieve Stress and Anxiety About Asthma Attacks, for Children

Omron WheezeScan - Portable Wheeze Detector for Asthma sufferers

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  • Breathe easy: the WheezeScan is designed for parents of children with asthma symptoms to quickly analyze breathing and determine if your child is wheezing in the moment of breathing distress
  • Eliminate anxiety: reduce stress surrounding wheeze uncertainty and make informed decisions in critical moments; WheezeScan gives parents confidence in their at-home treatments for their children
  • The WheezeScan tells parents what their child can’t: when used with your healthcare professional’s guidance, this tool analyses your child’s breathing to help you follow your doctor’s treatment plan
  • Wheezing detection when it matters: the WheezeScan is suitable for parents to use on children ages 4 months-7 years, which is critical as wheezing is the most common asthma symptom in children under 5
  • Items delivered: 1 x Omron WheezeScan, portable wheeze detector with 2 x AAA batteries, 1 x storage case, 1 x quick reference guide and an instruction manual

Product description

Product Description

Omron WheezeScan
Omron WheezeScan has been designed for parents with children who have asthma or asthma related breathing conditions. Created to detect if your child is wheezing or not and helping to relieve stress and anxiety for both you and your child about having an asthma attack. The portable design allows for the WheezeScan to be carried in a bag or taken on holiday, so you can check your child’s breathing anywhere, anytime. Suitable for children ages 4 months up until 7 years old.

Product Details
Device type: Wheeze detector
Targeted respiratory airways: Asthmatic conditions
Power: Battery powered
Age range: 4 months – 7 years old
Dimensions (L x H x D): 12.1 x 3.3 x 2.7 cm
Device weight: 55 g

Features and cautionsTool for parents to use for clarity in children with asthma conditions in times of wheezing uncertainty.

About Omron
Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Omron Healthcare is a global leader in the field of clinically proven, innovative
medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. As a brand, Omron is committed to minimising the impact
that health conditions have on patient’s lives and striving to help improve quality of life without compromises. Zero
compromise on healthier lives is the goal that powers and inspires Omron Healthcare’s innovations that help people
compromise less, and achieve more in life.

Box Contains

WheezeScan, 2 “AAA” alkaline batteries, storage container, instructions for use (English language not guaranteed).

Brand: Omron

From the manufacturer

OMRON WheezeScan

OMRON WheezeScan

Catch wheeze early




As the parent of a young child, it can be difficult to understand exactly what´s wrong – especially when they can´t understand yet to tell you.

With a condition like asthma there´s often a wheezing sound in their breathing informing you if an attack is coming.

WheezeScan´s advanced listening technology helps you detect a wheeze early – quickly and accurately so you can intervene with your doctor´s treatment plan with confidence.



Asthma diary


Easy to carry anywhere you go, or give to others who may be caring for your child.

A highly sensitive microphone listens closely to your child’s breathing helping you to identify wheeze early.

AsthmaDiary App allows you to keep track of wheezing, any triggers, and your child’s medications.

Discuss the information WheezeScan records with your child’s doctor to make sure they’re getting the right care.


Wheeze is the most common symptom of asthma in children under 5, but it doesn’t always sound the same.*

A tool designed to tell you whether or not your child is wheezing can help remove doubt in the moment of breathing distress.

*Global Initiative for Asthma. Global Strategy for Asthma Management and Prevention, 2016. Available from:

WheezeScan U100 C102 Total DuoBaby
OMRON Wheezescan OMRON U100 OMRON C102 Total OMRON DuoBaby
Detects Asthma Attacks
Nebulizer treatment
Suitable for Asthma
For home use
Nasal Shower optional

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