JUNKO Zoomer Kit | Featured on How To Spend It Well at Christmas with Phillip Schofield | Turn your Home’s Recycling into Working Toys | Educational & Creative Build Kit for Kids | Construction Toy

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SALE PRICE: £31.95
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  • THE KIT THAT DOES IT ALL – this kit can be used again and again to make 1000s of amazing and unique vehicles – build a car, a jeep, a speedy dinosaur… the options are endless – when you’re done playing, just recycle the raw materials and reuse the kit to make a new creation.
  • LOADED WITH WHAT KIDS LOVE! – Pull-back-and-let-go rubber band drive – Glow in the dark wheels – Rare-earth magnetic connectors to join different types of junk together – Original eco-adventure action comic!
  • JOIN THE JUNKO PLAY REVOLUTION – Designing and making your own toys instead of buying new ones is great for kids’ development and confidence, much kinder to the planet, and it’s a ton of fun for kids to play with a toy they created themselves!
  • STEM / STEAM EDUCATIONAL TOY which is challenging (in a good way!) Develops kids’ creativity, construction, problem-solving, and motor skills and teaches foundation science and mechanics. Perfect for creative boys and girls, age 6-11. Winner of two European Product Design Awards for Construction Toy and Educational Toy.
  • GENUINELY ECO-FRIENDLY TOY – We’re a UK family business trying to show big manufacturers that awesome toys can be made sustainably. We make JUNKO in Europe from Recycled Plastic and our packaging is Plastic-Free. Our connectors help kids join junk together without the single-use plastics and mess you get with sticky tape and glue. And, JUNKO teaches kids to really think about the rubbish their home creates. If you lose a non-magnetic part we will replace it free (subject to fair use).
Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 12 cm; 525 Grams
Model: ZOOM01
Material: Recycled Plastic
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Age: 6 – 83 years
Assembly: Yes
Composition: Recycled plastic
Material: Recycled Plastic

Product Description

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This super ECO kit lets you turn junk into toys that work – again and again. Make cars, trucks and buggies from bottles, boxes and more. Your toys really ZOOM thanks to the pull-back-&-go rubber-band drive! COMES COMPLETE with large, glow-in-the-dark wheels and strong, rare-earth magnetic clips. Bobble fixings also let you join popular-brand building bricks to your Zoomer! It's great for kids, and kind to the planet.

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Unlike many kits, JUNKO encourages free creativity and non-linear play… Build WHAT you like, HOW you like! Junk modelling taps into natural creativity, with proven learning outcomes. These include divergent problem solving, hypothesis testing and fine motor-skill development. Used in kids' clubs and STEM / STEAM workshops as junk modelling is part of the school curriculum.

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RESPONSIBLE… yes really!

Made in the UK from recycled plastic and built to last. Use your kit again and again. Junko Zoomer is packaged in card tubes without the use of plastic.


PLANET PANIC! is issue #1 of the brand-new J-HEROES adventures… Out-of-this-world fun with a save-the-world message.


Easy-to-follow first-time instructions mean you can leave older kids to it… or sit down and work with them! Spend hours making vehicles from pots, tubs, cartons and other junk. Visit our PlanetJunko website for toy ideas and tips.

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