Flash Powermop Starter Kit, Mop + 10 Absorbing Refill Pads + 500 ml Cleaning Solution + 4 Batteries, Fresh

Flash Powermop Starter Kit

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About this item

  • Time Saving: Easy attach and go system for an all-in-one mop that cleans floors in a FLASH, inbuilt spray for quick floor cleaning, up to 2 times faster than regular mop and bucket, quick replaceable spray bottles and mop pads
  • Efficient Design: Powered floor mop for the deep cleaning of your hard floor surfaces. Battery powered spray along with our mop technology allows easy removal of stubborn dirt, grease and grime without the added struggle of a typical non-powered mop
  • Effective Cleaning: Dual spray for twice the cleaning action along with mop absorbing pads absorb and lock away dirt, grease and grime working together to leave the floor clean and dry
  • Convenient Usability: Replaceable mop bottles can be easily attached to the spray mop for hassle free floor cleaning, Swivel mop head to get into the places out of reach by a regular mop for more floor coverage
  • Versatile Tool: Safe for use across all hard-sealed floors, including wood floor and laminate floor

Product description

Style Name:Starter Kit

Product Description

Flash Powermop gives you an easy powered deep clean on nearly any floor in your home. In fact it will get your floor clean 2x faster than using a mop and bucket. Swoosh and glide across your hard floors. The battery powered trigger sprays powermop cleaning solution that dissolves even tough grime. Attach the powermop absorbing pad to the mop head to absorb and lock away dirt, leaving a clean, dry floor. Powermop cleaning solution loosens all sorts of dirt, grease and grime whilst leaving a fresh and airy scent. Dirt is lifted away from the floor so that it can be easily soaked up by the powermop absorbing pad. Powermop absorbing pads simply stick to the bottom of the mop head, with a clever absorbent core that soaks up and stores away the dirty solution and grease and grime, leaving the floor shiny, clean and dry. The Flash powermop starter kit includes the device, assembly instructions, absorbing pads and cleaning solution. Powermop requires 4 AA batteries, also included. Refill absorbing pads and cleaning solution are available to purchase. Safe for use across all sealed floor surfaces, do not use on untreated/oiled wood.



Safety Warning

Keep away from children. Keep away from eyes. If product gets into eyes rinse thoroughly with water. Rinse hands after use.

Brand: FLASH

From the manufacturer

A great clean on any floor in your home

Refill with Flash Powermop pads and cleaning solution
Refill with Flash Powermop pads and cleaning solution

Be prepared to clean virtually any floor type with Flash Powermop absorbing pads and cleaning solution refills. A powerful Flash clean is just a fresh pad and cleaning solution refill away.

A great clean on any floor in your home

Enjoy a great clean on virtually any floor in your home with the Flash Powermop Starter Kit. The All-In-One mopping system features a dual-nozzle sprayer, which evenly distributes just the right amount of cleaning solution.This solution loosens dirt and lifts it off the floor, pulling dirt and grime into the pad, locking it away for good. The starter kit includes the floor cleaning solution and microfibre mop refill pad, so you’re ready to start cleaning.Dirty floors have met their match.

Features and Benefits

Dual-Spray Nozzle

Flash Powermop Cleaning Solution

Absorb and Lock Technology

Safe on every floor type

Dual-Spray Nozzle

Using the Dual-Spray Nozzle, the Flash Powermop evenly distributes cleaning solution, so your floors get just the right amount for a powerful clean.

Flash Powermop Cleaning Solution

The Flash Powermop cleaning solution is especially designed to loosen dirt and break up tough, sticky messes.

Absorb and Lock Technology

Thanks to its Absorb and Lock Technology, Flash Powermop traps dirt and grime deep in the pad, so it’s gone for good.

Safe on every floor type

The Flash Powermop is safe for cleaning virtually every floor type*, even wood.

Powermop Speedmop
Flash Powermop StarterKit Flash Speedmop StarterKit
Cleaning Powered deep clean. Quick. Easy. Hygienic.
Technology Absorbs dirt and grime and locks it away in its core. Trap and locks dust and dirt.
Available in these scents Fresh Scent Lemon Scent
Picks up dirt, dust & hair
Safe on all floors
360 swivel head
Refills Absorbing pads Cleaning solution Wet cloths
Recycle refill cloths through Terracycle

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