Bosch Laser Measure PLR 50 C (Measurement Range: 0.05 – 50 m, Touchscreen Display, in Cardboard Box)

Bosch Laser Measure PLR 50 C (Measurement Range: 0.05 – 50 m

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  • Precise and reliable measurement up to 50m with laser technology
  • New control concept: Control the PLR 50 C with your fingertip via the display
  • Calculate distance, volume and area
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth to smartphones and tablets
  • MeasureOn App Connectivity: Easy transfer of the measured data to the app. Add photos, draw floor plans of individual rooms, add notes and transfer your measurements from laser range finder via Bluetooth, all in one place.

Product description

Style Name:50 Meters with Bluetooth

Product Description

Bosch Laser Measure PLR 50 C

Bosch´s laser rangefinder PLR 50 C, with its up to 50-m measuring distance, enables accurate measuring experience (typical accuracy +/- 2 mm) with a wide range of integrated functionalities. Its colour touchscreen offers fast navigation and easy access to all measuring modes.

This laser measure enables simple measurements such as single-length measurement for simple distances or automatic area and volume calculation. Further useful functions, such as inclination measurement, digital spirit level, and continuous measurement with min/max function included for continous update of current measurement value, make the PLR 50 C ideal for different DIY projects. Indirect measurement is one of the efficient functions when the laser path is blocked by an object and direct measuring is not possible. Addition and subtraction mode helps to get the calculation results more effectively. The integrated how-to animations for each measuring mode describe every single mode and give detailed instructions how to work with the selected function.

Measuring can be performed from the front or the back of the device or by using the extendable plate (90˚/180˚) for hard-to-access places such as edges.

The Bluetooth module for easy connection with Bosch´s MeasureOn app helps to document measuring results all at one place. The app has been created for taking photos of the desired area with smartphones/tablets, drawing lines into those photos manually, and making measurements with the PLR 50 C laser rangefinder. All data is stored within the photo in the app and can be exported via e-mail as PDF file.

Scope of Supply:
  • PLR 50 C
  • 3x AAA batteries
  • Hand strap
  • Protective case
  • Cardboard box
  • Box Contains

    1 x PLR 50 C
    1 x Instruction Manual

    SKU: B00UN62Y1O
    Weight: 132 g
    Size: 50 m
    Dimensions: 11.5 x 5 x 2.3 cm; 132 Grams
    Model: 0603672201
    Part: 0603672201
    Colour: Green
    Pack Quantity: 1
    Batteries Required: Yes
    Batteries Included: Alkaline
    Manufacture: Bosch
    Colour: Green
    Quantity: 1
    Size: 50 m

    From the manufacturer

    PLR 50 C
    1. PLR 50 C

      Indirect Measurement

      The PLR 50 C uses inclination angles to calculate distances and heights indirectly where straight measuring is not possible, e.g, when reference points are unavailable or obstacles block the laser.

    2. PLR 50 C

      Measure Incline Angles and Level Objects

      Thanks to the integrated inclination sensor, users can determine the inclination angle of slopes or use the device as a spirit level to level objects.

    3. PLR 50 C

      Three Reference Settings

      Choose whether to start the measurement at either the top or bottom of the device, or use the extendable plate at the bottom of the device forhard-to-accessplaces such as edges.

    4. PLR 50 C

      Bluetooth-Connected App Bosch PLR measure&go

      Use the Bosch PLR measure&goapp to document measurements, create projects, take pictures of the measured space, add text notes, and send collected data via email as a PDFdirectly from the app.

    PLR 50 C

    PLR measure&go App

    Enables a connection via Bluetooth between PLR 50 C and PLR measure&go smartphones/tablets app

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    Touchscreen Display

    The colour touchscreen display clearly displays measurement results and makes it easy to navigate the device

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    PLR 50 C

    PLR 50 C

    PLR 30 C

    PLR 30 C



    Zamo III

    Zamo III

    Measuring Range
    0.05 – 50 m 0.05 – 30 m 0.05 – 50 m 0.15 – 20 m
    Typical Measuring Accuracy
    ±2 mm ±2 mm ±2 mm ±3 mm
    Colour display, touchscreen Colour display Colour display B/W display
    Reference Edge
    Top/bottom edge, extern plate Top/bottom edge Top/bottom edge Bottom edge
    Adapters attachable
    Continuous measurement
    Area and volume measurement
    Indirect measurement
    Spirit level function
    Memory function
    Bluetooth Connection

    Which areas can be calculated with the area function?

    With the area function, the area calculation of rectangles is possible. For other shapes, the area must be divided into rectangles and added together. The addition of areas is possible with the measuring tool.

    Can the measuring unit be changed?

    The measurement values are displayed in metric system (metres). The device does not feature a change of the display unit.

    Is the device also suitable for outdoor use?

    Yes, PLR 50 C is also suitable for outdoor use. However, the visibility of the laser as well as the maximum measuring distance can be severely affected by external factors.

    How does indirect measurement work?

    Indirect measurement is used to determine distances and heights that cannot be measured directly, due to an obstacle that would impede the path beam or the absence of a target surface that could serve as a reflector.

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