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Bosch Cordless Sander and Polisher EasyCurvSander 12 (without Battery, 12 V System, in Cardboard Box)

RRP PRICE: £79.99
SALE PRICE: £68.00
YOU SAVE: £11.99

About this item

  • The easy tools from Bosch: The handy helpers for small projects
  • Adjustable to different surfaces: The cordless disc sander and polisher adapts easily to curved, rounded, convex, concave or flat surfaced due to three rotating and movable discs
  • Match the pace of different materials: Use the detail sander for sanding or polishing of hardwood, softwood, varnished surfaces, metal, or leather due to the electronic speed preselection
  • Quick working results: This Bosch sander delivers a high material removal rate and surface quality thanks to its sanding nets (3 x 80 grit, 3 x 180 grit, 3 x 320 grit)
  • Power for all 12 V: The additionally available battery is compatible for all products within the green Bosch home and garden 12 V system

Product description

Style Name:Without Battery

Cordless disc sander and polisher

Introducing EasyCurvSander 12, the very first cordless disc sander and polisher. Discover smooth working with three rotating, movable discs that
adapt easily to curved, rounded, or flat surfaces. Rather than using a regular sandpaper, the EasyCurvSander 12 introduces long-lasting sanding
nets which provide high material removal rates and surface quality across a range of applications. Match the operating speed to each
material and job thanks to electronic speed preselection: 1st gear for polishing, 2nd gear for paint removal and 3rd gear for wood. Enjoy low
vibration and low noise during operation. These Bosch sanders include a dust extraction attachment that helps to keep the working area
cleaner. Use the palm sander for sanding and polishing hardwood, softwood, varnished surfaces, metal and leather. One battery fits all – this
Bosch 12 V home and garden battery can be used across the whole assortments of green line of Bosch home and garden 12 V products.

Technical details:
  • Battery voltage: 12 V
  • Battery capacity: 2.5 Ah
  • Rated speed: 800-1800 min-1
  • Speed selection: Yes
  • Disc diameter: 38 mm
  • Sanding surface: 38 cm sq
  • Weight with battery: 0.5 kg
Scope of supply:
  • EasyCurvSander 12
  • Cardboard box
  • Dust extraction
  • 9 x sanding net (grit: 3 x 80; 3 x 180; 3 x 320)

Weight: 740 g
Dimensions: 8.5 x 16.5 x 11 cm; 740 Grams
Model: 06039C9001
Part: 06039C9001
Colour: Green
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium Ion
Manufacture: Bosch
Colour: Green
Quantity: 1

From the manufacturer

bosch sander

On / Off button

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Speed preselection: match the pace of the job

Choose among 3 predefined speeds I = Polishing II = Varnish III = Wood

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Sanding nets for high material removal rate

High surface quality and long-lifetime

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  1. hg

    Different surfaces: Curved, rounded or flat

    Sand and polish curved or rounded work pieces due to three rotating, movable discs that adjust their working angles independently to adapt to concave, convex, and flat surfaces.

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    Use in different materials

    Use the EasyCurvSander 12 for various applications and materials: Easy sanding and polishing on different materials such as hardwood, softwood, varnished surfaces, metal, and leather.

  3. hg

    Dust extraction: attach the tool to a vacuum

    The dust extraction attachment can be easily fixed to the tool head and connected to a vacuum cleaner, reducing dust from the working area

  4. hg

    2nd gear: Paint removal

    Choose among the included sanding nets, shift the switch to the 2nd gear and use the sander to remove varnish from different materials, such as: wood, metal, etc

  5. hg

    1st gear: polishing different surfaces

    Ideal for polishing concave, convex and flat surfaces:

    -Waxed wooden surfaces, e.g. tables

    -Metal surfaces, e.g. vehicle bodywork

    -Leather items, e.g. shoes

Bosch EasyCurvSander

Sanding nets: quick work results


Fast working process // High surface quality // Long-lifetime due to minimal clogging

Flexible, compact 12 V battery system

Want to be able to use just one battery for sawing, drilling and trimming the hedge? No problem. Stay flexible and move the lithium-ion battery from one tool to another in no time at all. This also saves money in the long run, as there is no longer need to buy further batteries or chargers for other 12 V system tools. Our 12V System batteries are compatible with the products of the 10,8 Volt System from Bosch Home and Garden while 12V System tools can be used with 10.8V Home & Garden batteries.


Are the polishing sponges included in the scope of supply?

No, they are not included in the scope of supply. They can be ordered via following order number: 2608620738.

Why are sanding nets used for the EasyCurvSander 12?

Because sanding nets have a high material removal rate and and exceptional surface quality can be achieved.

What is the battery runtime per loading?

The battery runtime is minimum 30 minutes. (depends on the application, material, coarse/fine sanding)

Is the battery also compatible with other 12V tools?

Yes, the battery can be used with the EasyCurvSander 12, but also with any other tool within the 12V tool range from Bosch.

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