arteesol Dumbbells Set of 2 10 kg/8 kg/5 kg/4 kg/3 kg/2 kg/1 kg Neoprene Dumbbell Set Weight Lifting Dumbbell Set for Men and Women

arteesol Dumbbells Set of 2 10 kg/8 kg/5 kg/4 kg/3 kg/2 kg/1 kg Neoprene Dumbbell Set Weight Lifting Dumbbell Set for Men and Women

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  • Neoprene coated weights: These hand weights are neoprene coated dumbbells, which is non-slip. arteesol neoprene dumbbells use a hexagonal non-slip structure, which is relatively stable, ensuring your personal safety during use and protecting the floor from damage.
  • Dumbbells can train the entire body: With only a pair of dumbbells you can perform multiple exercises for each and every muscle group. Various forms of dumbbell presses will work your chest, dumbbell rows for your back, raises and presses will target your shoulders while squats and lunges will obliterate your legs.
  • Hand lifting weight dumbbells: Due to dumbbells’ size and the fact they can be held in each hand, dumbbells can be used to create a variety of different movement patterns to develop task – or movement-specific strength.
  • Stylish appearance: arteesol dumbbells are printed weight number and color coding on each end cap for quick identification. Different weights with different colors, which could satisfied with your different favors. From 1kg to 10kg weights, it’s suitable for both men and women, as well as children and adults.
  • Convenient & Room Saver: The dumbbells are small then they’re extremely convenient to carry. Great for home-trainees who have limited space and equipment. You could use dumbbells wherever you want such as at home or in gym or even during trip.

Product Description

For Kids & Teens

Kids can start with light weights 1 to 2kg, low repetitions and very basic dumbbell exercises, which can improve muscle development & strengthen bones & joints. Teens who work out with weights, as well as exercise aerobically, reduce by half their risk for sports injuries & help improve sports performance.It boosts bone density & strengthens tendons.

For Seniors

A weight training program for seniors can offer benefits that enhance a person's overall quality of life, including: increased strength in the upper and lower body, improved joint health, balance, and stability,

enhanced metabolic fitness, weight management & increased bone density.

For Pregnant Women

Lifting dumbbells during pregnancy increases flexibility, improves strength and helps burn calories for weight control. This makes it easier to carry the extra baby weight. A regular dumbbell routine may also help combat back pain associated with pregnancy and helps condition your body for labor and delivery.

Dumbells Aerobic Exercises

Using dumbbells to create aerobic workouts helps you burn calories by raising your heart rate. Using aerobic exercise to lose weight decrease your risk of diseases and conditions such as coronary heart disease, stroke, lower back pain and high blood pressure.


The Arteesol neoprene dumbbell pairs make a great choice for both beginners & advanced fitness enthusiasts. It's great for your regular workout, which helps build muscle mass & sculpts muscles.

Weighted Yoga Flow

Combine traditional yoga poses with dumbbells will not only reconnect your body & mind through slow, controlled, deliberate movements, but also stimulate your muscles by increasing their time under tension.

1kg 2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg 8kgCoated materialCoreNon-slip handleYouthsTeensAdultsSeniors
Dimensions: 19.8 x 18.2 x 8.5 cm; 200 Grams
Brand: Arteesol
Colour: 2kg-pair
Manufacture: arteesol
Colour: 2kg-pair

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