Relaxdays Retractable Dog Gate, Wooden Pet Barrier for Door & Stairs, Extendable Width max. 116.5cm, H: 82.5cm, Natural, bamboo, metal, Pack of 1

Relaxdays Retractable Dog Gate

SALE PRICE: £31.96

  • Extendable: Dog safety barrier fits staircases and doorways – Adustable width from 17.5 to 116.5 cm
  • Practical: Adjustable folding wooden guard can fit in narrow as well as wide door- & stairways
  • Drilling required: The safety gate can be mounted with screws (included) – Without trip hazard
  • Blockade: Barrier for babies and dogs – Secure doors and stairs or separate dogs
  • Details: Foldable Bamboo Door Safety Gate – Height: app. 82.5 cm – Width of bars: app. 2 cm

Product description

Especially older dogs and puppies can tumble down the stairs and cause themselves serious injuries. Protect your animal companion from accidents on the stairway or other areas of the home with the concertina safety fence. To keep your pet out of specific rooms, simply mount the gate into the door frame. The animal safety barrier is suitable for narrow and wider door-, hall- and stairways as it can be extended to the required width.

Dog Gate Details
– Height: app. 82.5 cm
– Width: app. 17.5 to 116.5 cm
– Width of bars: app. 2 cm
– Max. space between bars H x W: app. 29.5 x 19 cm
– Weight: app. 1.3 kg
– Material: Bamboo
– Colour: Natural

Dog Barrier for Stairs & Doors
– Width can be flexibly adjusted for narrow and wider openings
– Mounting materials included
– Protect your dog or child from hazardous areas
– Zone off specific no-go areas of the house
– No frame or trip hazards
– Stairway safety for dogs with joint problems or puppies

Included in Delivery
– 1x Dog Gate
– Mounting Materials Included
– Decorative items are not included

First Available: 9 Mar. 2020
Weight: 1.3 Kg
Dimensions: 3 x 116.5 x 82.5 cm
Model No: 10029603
Material: bamboo, metal
Colour: Natural

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