Encasa Homes Metallised Ironing Board Cover ‘Silver Super with Foam + Felt PAD (Fits Medium Boards 112 x 33 cm) Heat Reflective, Scorch Resistant, Bungee Elasticated, 3 Fasteners

Encasa Homes Metallised Ironing Board Cover 'Silver Super with Foam + Felt PAD (Fits Medium Boards 112 x 33 cm) Heat Reflective

SALE PRICE: £12.98

  • SUPERIOR MATERIALS: 4 Layers of protective materials make this cover an ideal ironing surface. A special Siliconised Silver coating on Cotton Fabric makes the surface smooth for ironing, reflects heat back into the garment, resulting in the fastest crease removal and savings in ironing time. The Heat Proof Metallised coating can withstand high ironing temperatures of above 250° C. Layers of Foam and Fiber Pad are attached to the fabric layers, to give a smooth ironing surface.
  • Further, 3 hook-and-loop fasteners are provided at the back which can be used to tighten any loose sides.
  • FAST COLOURS: Vibrant colours used for dyeing and printing are tested for fastness to ensure they do not bleed onto your garment. This also allows the cover to be washable in cold water if it gets dirty.
  • OFFER: This offer Includes Ironing Board COVER with PAD Only. You can replace your worn out cover with this cover and immediately find a great difference in your ironing experience. We recommend you should change any covers that is older than 2 years. WARRANTY: To support our confidence in our quality, we offer you a 2 YEAR Warranty on this product for any manufacturing defect
  • DIRECT-FROM-MANUFACTURER: You are buying directly from the manufacturer. Encasa Homes products are manufactured in India in state-of-the-art factories, that ensure you’re getting great quality at an affordable price, without multiple markups in-between CUSTOM ORDERS: If you have a very odd sized board (Thin, Wide, Short, Long), write to us on Seller Central and we will provide a customized cover to fit your board in the shortest time. NO EXTRA COST!
First Available: 27 Aug. 2017
Weight: 259 g
Dimensions: 26.4 x 21.2 x 8.4 cm
Model No: IB-60147-M-FBA
Material: IB-60147-M-FBA
Colour: Silver

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