Uncluttered Designs Adjustable Drawer Dividers Sleek & Customizable In Sturdy Plastic, For Your Baby Clothes, Craft Supplies, Office Drawer, Kitchen, Underwear & Bathroom

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Finally, An Easy Way to Keep Your Life Organized

Make your life easy by organizing every drawer and shelf in your house. Built from the highest quality materials, our patented dividers are made to last.

Sturdy and stackable. Choose a beautifully designed, sturdy set of dividers that won’t wear out like those made of cheap unwoven fabric. These are built to last a lifetime.

Adjustable and customizable. Moveable dividers mean you can arrange them to allow you to fit items exactly the way you like. Organize your space your own way!

Multifunctional – Organize Every Room In Your House

Perfect for the nursery. Keep your baby clothes, small toys & accessories tidy! You can also stack them. Organize your underwear drawer. Socks, bras, & scarves will find a happy home. You know that kitchen junk drawer you toss everything into? Make it a work of creatively organized art! Keep your crafts tidy in drawers or stacked on shelves & organize your office drawers. Your bathroom will thank you for these washable & waterproof organizers. Great for essential oils and other small items.

What the set includes: 1 10-cell box : 13.5 x 9.75 x 3.25 with 1 lengthwise and 4 crosswise dividers, which you can use to make up to 10 cells or arrange as you like. 1 15 cell box: 13.5 x 9.75 x 3.25 with 2 lengthwise and 4 crosswise dividers, which you can use to make up to 15 cells or arrange as you like. 1 large, deep box: 13.5 x 9.75 x 4.75 with no dividers. BONUS 3 5-grid boxes: 10.75 x 3.5 x 2.75.

Give Yourself and Someone You Love the Gift of Serenity Today!


  • This set comes with 2 boxes with adjustable dividers, 1 deep box with no dividers (so your bras don’t get squished, and also good for many other things), and 3 bonus 5-grid boxes with fixed dividers.
  • Stackable & Multifunctional: Put them in a drawer or on a shelf. Use for your underwear, bathroom, office drawers, crafts and sewing, kitchen “everything drawers”, jewelry, kids’ trinkets.
  • Sturdy and Long Lasting: Stiff dividers, sides and bottom keep all your items from being crumpled. Won’t fall apart like fabric dividers.
  • Adjustable: Move lengthwise and crosswise to make the size of cells that work for you.

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