JawZone PREMIUM Jaw Exerciser | Exercise your Jawline- Pack

JawZone PREMIUM Jaw Exerciser | Exercise your Jawline- Pack of 3- Three levels of resistance | Strengthen

JawZone PREMIUM Jaw Exerciser | Exercise your Jawline- Pack of 3- Three levels of resistance | Strengthen, Chisel and tone your jaw | NEW tough bite design- Facial fitness | UK BRAND


Introducing the game-changing JawZone Jaw Exerciser with its innovative tough bite design. Experience the ultimate test, strengthening, and chiselling of your jaw like never before. With this groundbreaking design, rest assured that your exerciser will withstand the intensity of progressive overload, delivering remarkable results by sculpting your face to perfection.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- We stand by our product’s effectiveness, offering a Money Back Guarantee, because at JawZone, your satisfaction is our top priority. As a UK-based company in London, our passion for exercise drives us to deliver exceptional quality and results.

KEY FEATURES- Experience the extraordinary with our unparalleled Jaw Exerciser featuring a groundbreaking TOUGH BITE DESIGN. Sculpt your jawline like never before! Benefit from the HUNGER SUPPRESSOR feature and a trialled and tested WORKOUT PLAN to maximise your gains.

HOW IT WORKS- Unlock your chiselled jawline effortlessly. Just follow our provided workout plan, placing the gums between your molar teeth, and let the magic happen.Progressing through our 3 levels of resistance:

Level 1- 40lbs-(Sky Blue)

Level 2- 50lbs-(Red)

Level 3- 60lbs-(White)


3- Jawline exercises with increasing weight

3- cases to carry and transport your exercisers wherever and whenever

1- Researched and trialled workout plan

1- Insert Card for information on the product

Legal Disclaimer

DISCLAIMER- Potential choking hazard, keep away from young children

  • SLIM AND TONE YOUR FACE: Achieve a defined jawline at any fitness level with the JawZone Jaw Exerciser. A #1 Worldwide Selling design, these jaw exercisers deliver remarkable results. The 3 piece set includes: begin (40lbs), advance (50lbs) and transform (60lbs). Combined with the included workout plan, enjoy a stronger, slimmer, more aesthetically pleasing jawline.
  • EXPERIENCE THE NEW TOUGH BITE DESIGN:Jaw Zone stands out from the competition with our innovative tough bite design. Unlike others, our exerciser eliminates the risk of penetration or tearing, ensuring durability. It's teeth-friendly and made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone for your safety and peace of mind.
  • CONVENIENCE,DISCRETION AND HUNGER SUPRESSION:Train your jawline discreetly anywhere, anytime with our Jaw Exerciser. Its invisible design ensures privacy. Additionally, it acts as a potent hunger suppressant, curbing cravings for a healthier lifestyle. Embrace our discreet and appetite-controlling solution, sculpting your jawline while effortlessly managing hunger.
  • TARGETED MUSCLE ENGAGEMENT: The exerciser targets the masseter muscles to effectively burn fat, improve blood flow and oxygenate the face, leaving you with a more sculpted jawline.
  • UNPARALLELED CUSTOMER SERVICE & SATISFACTION: Enjoy a money-back guarantee and 6 month warranty on this product. JawZone’s customer service team is always available to answer any questions you may have.
Dimensions: 18.9 x 7.1 x 2.9 cm; 150 Grams
Brand: Jawzone
Manufacture: BPaineproductions ltd