Pipemaster Professional Plumbing Tool & Everbuild P20


Pipemaster Professional Plumbing Tool & Everbuild P20 Plumbers Flux Soldering Paste, White, 140 g

Pipemaster Professional Plumbing Tool (PP8LZ50)
The Pipemaster Professional is designed to provide a solution for frequent using professional plumbing contractors. A powerful tool with sophisticated temperature control the Professional has a short warm up time and powerful heating elements. No torch required and no naked flames. 230V with British plug fitted Ideal in confined spaces. Plugs into standard electrical outlet. Spare heads available for many pipe sizes Used on standard pipes and fittings High Power and temperature control. Warm up time approximately 2 minutes. A 15mm joint takes approx 10 seconds to complete (22mm takes approx 20 seconds) Tool comes fitted with 15mm heads. Antex Pipemaster Professional is designed for the professional plumbing contractor. It can be used to solder copper pipe joints with fittings up to1 inch and it is an invaluable tool when working in areas where a torch is a possible hazard or where access is limited i.e. in roof spaces, under baths or basins, close to decoration or furnishings, near vehicles, etc. Maintenance is restricted to regular cleaning after use, ensuring excellent results time after time. The heads are removable for cleaning, storage or replacement with a different size.

Everbuild P20 Plumbers Flux Soldering Paste, White, 140 g
Everbuild P20 Plumbers Flux Soldering Paste is a soft paste which is applied to joint areas prior to soldering. P20 Plumbers Flux Soldering Paste is suitable for use with most metal types and can be used on both and cold water pipes. P20 Plumbers Flux soldering Paste also benefits from being self-cleaning and as well as the fact it can be used with potable water.

  • Product 1: Safe Soldering for Plumbers and DIY enthusiast
  • Product 1: No Flame – 230VAC operation.
  • Product 1: Comes fitted with 15mm heads
  • Product 1: Many head sizes available for different pipe sizes
  • Product 2: All common types of metal pipes
  • Product 2: Hot/cold water pipes.
  • Product 2: Easy to apply
  • Product 2: Suitable for use with potable water
Pack Quantity: 1
Quantity: 1