Black Friday: Arzopa portable monitors save you up to $80

(Pocket-lint) - Whenever you travel with your laptop, you end up sorely missing your home or office multi-screen setup. Thankfully, getting a portable monitor can solve that problem. Even better, Arzopa is running a great Black Friday campaign so you can get exactly the monitor you want, for a fraction of the price.

Arzopa makes a great selection of portable monitors of various sizes and you can find one for your Windows or Mac computer. So let's dive in and check the best Arzopa deals we could find.

Arzopa A1 15.6-inch

Arzopa Black Friday: Arzopa portable monitors save you up to £80 photo 2

If you have a 15.6-inch laptop, then the Arzopa A1 15.6-inch portable monitor will come as a natural extension to it, although it will be a great upgrade for any setup you may have while on the go. Arzopa's Portable Monitor is currently at the lowest price on Amazon.


Whether you're into working out of coffee shops or you want to have an extra screen to hook up your gaming console while on vacation, it really doesn't matter because Arzopa's Portable monitor is affordable and comes with great quality.

Not only does it have an FHD screen, but it also has built-in speakers, low blue light, and it's super portable at just 1.44 lbs. Just slip it in your backpack and off you go!

Arzopa A1 Max 17.3-inch

Arzopa Black Friday: Arzopa portable monitors save you up to £80 photo 3

If you need a larger screen when you're travelling, the Arzopa A1 Max model is the perfect solution at 17.3 inches. If you usually carry a larger laptop with you, then perhaps it's best to get a larger portable monitor too.

You certainly already have the backspace room for it! The Arzopa A1 Max is a 17.3-inch portable monitor with a FHD and HDR IPS screen. It features dual speakers so you can leave yours at home and it works with both Windows and macOS PCs.

You can also set it up with an Xbox, a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and so on, so you can play from anywhere.

Arzopa A1 2K 13.3-inch

Arzopa Black Friday: Arzopa portable monitors save you up to £80 photo 4

While this particular monitor was created for Macbook users specifically, it will also work for Windows PC users, as well as for gamers who love taking their Xbox, Switch, or PlayStation along on vacation, for instance. If you want a really great quality monitor, then the Arzopa A1 2K 13.3-inch portable option is a great choice. At just 13.3 inches, it may be too small for some, but we think it's the perfect size for any backpack.

Plus, what it lacks in size, it makes up in image quality.

You'll get a crystal clear image, fast response, and a great experience overall. 

If size is more important for you, then you can go for one of the other monitors available from Arzopa, but otherwise, this 2K display is the perfect choice for those who want a really high-quality screen.