Artist Decided To Use Lego Figures In Order To Recreate Popular Movie, TV Show And Game Scenes, Here’s The Result (30 Pics)

Brick Panda shared that usually, it takes him at least 2-3 hours to create an image. Firstly, he does the photoshoot: creates the setup, finds the right camera angle and adjusts the lights. After that, he starts the editing process in Photoshop, which, according to the artist, is his favorite and the most challenging part of the process.

He retouches the photos, modifies the facial expressions (if it's needed), adjusts the colors, and adds effects and backgrounds.

Brick Panda noted that he doesn't think he's a photographer. "There are many more skilled Lego photographers out there. I don't even have professional equipment. For example, for lighting, I mostly use my desk lamps.

And I don't have a camera, so I take photos with my iPhone. Much of the appeal of my images, I think, comes from Photoshop post-production."

We got curious about what character or a scene was the most enjoyable for the artist to create. Brick Panda shared that he's a huge Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Park fan, so these photo series are always the most fun for him to make.

"I also really loved the imaginary Witcher theme. It's imaginary because Lego, unfortunately, didn't release any Witcher figures. So with my shots, I tried to imagine what it would be like if such figures existed.

I drew and added the figure textures in Photoshop. I always try to be respectful of all photo subjects."

Brick Panda revealed that he has never thought that so many people would be interested in what he's doing and would follow him on Instagram! After all, it's just a hobby that brings him a lot of joy. "It's a great feeling when someone writes to say that they are inspired by my shots, or that they want to play a video game or watch a movie again because of my photos," the artist added.

"I am often asked what kind of professional camera and equipment I use.

When I tell them that I take my photos with a phone, or that I use a colored bin bag to produce colored lights, they are amazed that this is possible.

So my advice to everyone who wants to do something creative is to take up a hobby that interests you.

Let your creativity run free because not everything depends on professional equipment."