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Dimensions: 7.05 x 37.8 x 48 cm; 2 Grams
Model: 76156
Colour: Multicolor
Colour: Multicolor

From the manufacturer

Perfect gift for superheroes

Marvel Studios' Eternals’ spaceship toy

Super-cool LEGO Marvel action and adventure from Marvel Studios' The Eternals film. Great gift for young superheroes aged 8 and up.

Recreate superhero adventures

Relive the action from Marvel Studios’ The Eternals

This Marvel Studios’ Eternals’ spaceship building toy with superhero minifigures will inspire endless imaginative adventures as kids recreate favourite scenes from the Marvel film.

  1. 76156

    Exclusive minifigures

    Phastos and Druig

    This awesome playset is the only one to feature these LEGO Marvel minifigures.

  2. 76156

    Makkari minifigure


    Makkari is the super-fast Eternal with amazing speed and reflexes.

  3. 76156

    Thena minifigure


    Thena has the ability to summon hand-to-hand weapons.

  4. 76156

    Ikaris minifigure


    As well as superhuman strength, Ikaris has the power to fly.

  5. 76156

    Sersi minifigure


    Sersi, the mighty matter manipulator, can transform objects into… anything.

1 Exclusive minifigures 2 Makkari minifigure 3 Thena minifigure 4 Ikaris minifigure 5 Sersi minifigure
Deviant figures

Includes 2 of The Eternals’ evil enemies

The leader of all Deviants, Kro, is joined by his Deviant accomplice, the Hyenadon. Like all Deviants, this monstrous hyena-like creature is a fierce opponent of all Eternals.

Extra sets to expand the fun

More The Eternals playsets to collect and combine

Kids can combine this set with characters, creatures and features from other sets in the LEGO Marvel Eternals range and expand the imaginative play possibilities even further. Sets sold separately.