BOMAKER WiFi Projector, Wireless Screen Mirroring Portable Outdoor Movie Projector, Full HD Native 720P Projector with 6000 and 250” Display, for Android, iOS, TV Stick

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  • 2021 GIFT FOR FATHER’S DAY : 2021 upgraded the pixel and optical arrangement scheme, making the image clear and sharp without serration. Bomaker HD projector adopts a square pixel arrangement instead of the traditional diamond-shaped pixels. Provides more details on four edges, like watching a 4K television
  • SMOOTH GAMING EXPERIENCE: All in one with full control. Only takes 2 steps to switch between different smart devices (ios phone, Android, Laptop, Macbook) to make it project WIRELESSLY without messy cables. Thanks to its enhanced wifi module and chipset, input lag lower than 35ms, it’s created with gamers in mind. With advanced silent cooling system allows you to focus on your movie night rather than a whirring fan
  • SEE CLEARLY EVEN IN DAYLIGHT: Upgraded brightness with the newest Luminus LED light, which can effectively restrain the influence of living room ceiling lights or ambient lights. Brings clear and sharp picture even in well-lit rooms. It works by reflecting the light indirectly off a flat surface, rather than beaming the light directly into your eyes like a normal TV. Perfect for online learning
  • SHORT DISTANCE, 250” GIANT SCREEN: Bomaker TV projector releases your eyes from tiny 42-inch tv to 35-250” big screen in a shorter throw distance than other 720p or 1080p projector. Built-in high-fidelity speakers for captivating sound, no audio lag. It can connect to an external soundbar via the 3.5mm audio input for outdoor movie night
  • MULTIMEDIA PROJECTOR, BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Portable projector equipped with diverse ports like HDMI/VGA/USB/AV/SD/Audio Out, just plug the TV Stick, Roku Stick to play Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+. Bomaker focuses on research, development, design, manufacturing consumer electronics, such as Projectors, Laser TV, Sound bars, Projector screens, etc. We stand by our products and service

Product Description

Father’s Day is just around the corner, this year happening on Sunday the 20st June.

If you’re only realising this now, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to buy a gift, the premise behind Father’s Day is a lot more modern, Bomaker projector is a great choice for your cool dad

  1. No More Blackout Curtains

    50% brighter due to powerful light engine, you can even see the 100'' picture clear and sharp during daylight

  2. The EASIEST Wireless WiFi Connection On the Market

    Adopts the latest UI interface, the wireless WiFi connection steps have been simplified, which is easier than other wifi projectors on the market. Only two steps!

  3. No Cut-out or Delay During Playing Games

    Designed with optimized WiFi Antennal and Chipset to ensure faster, easier wifi connections. It brings Lower Gaming or Video Signal Input Lag than Most Native 1080p Projectors. Invest for a better, longer gaming and movie experience

  4. No More Noise Disturb

    With updated Nidec oil-bearing fans and cooling system, higher heat dissipation efficiency with decreased noise by 50% than other projector, bring you the best movie night experience

  5. 360° Real Immersive Sound

    BOMAKER carefully engineered a custom sound driver material, which can burst out more sonorous and powerful sound and create a super audiovisual feast

  6. Portable Mini On the Go

    Only 12*8*4 inches with 4.1lb weight. With portable bag, it is super ideal for indoor /outdoor movie nights.


Low light wane with 80% higher brightness uniformity. The brightness will not fade off when time goes by as we adopted self-developed premium LCD screen, light cone to improve the brightness uniformity and makes it last longer. Ideal for Business presentations, and long-term entertainment.

Don't get puzzled by "Native" and "Supported" resolution, what's the difference?

What is Native Resolution?

Every projector that uses microdisplays, whether they are LCD panels, DLP or LCOS chips, has a fixed array of pixels on those microdisplays. That fixed array of pixels is known as the native resolution of the projector. It is the actual, true, physical resolution of the projector. Bomaker GC355 features a true resolution 720P, for a total of 2,073, 600 pixels. Delivers clarity and more details on the image.

What is Supported Resolution?

Most 480p or 720p projector claims it is Full HD 1080p supported. Well, it has nothing to do with projected image and refers only to the input signal. Every projector is programmed to recognize inputs in a variety of formats and sizes and the maximum resolution is the highest resolution value that the device can process and then display. But the native resolution determines overall clarity and sharpness.

How does the projector handle a signal in a resolution other than its native resolution?

To display higher resolution content, the projector automatically down-scales (compresses) pixels in the input feed to its native resolution. If the input resolution is higher (as high as the maximum) or lower than the native resolution, the projector will convert the signal to the native resolution using a process called scaling. Imagine a projector with a native resolution of 640×480 capable of handling up to 1080i HD signals. Without scaling, the projector won’t be able to handle 1080i content because the 1920×1080 resolution has more pixels than the device’s micro-display which only has 640×480 pixels.

Be well informed to learn which is real native 720P, 1080P projectors or “Supported ”1080p(actually 480p)!

  1. Space never bother you, easy to get a sharper and more vivid image in a shorter throw distance

  2. Seamlessly display and enjoy your favorite shows, movies from TV stick, phone, laptop or your USB

1 Surprise Anything 2 Shorter yet Bigger 3 Less Strain on Eyes 4 Home Theater Anyway 5 BT Connection

Smooth Gaming Experience

Enhanced gaming, moving mode reduces input lag down to 35-25ms at 1080p 240 Hz for lag-free input response. Provides you ultra-clear and no-delay gaming experience without motion blur.

Ultimate Cooling System

With dual cooling fan design, easy draw hot air out of the unit, cut 80% of the fan noise and last the projector bulb life.

Can this projector play Netflix?

Yes, you can. But you need to use a TV stick or Roku stick to play Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The WiFi function doesn't support protected Apps from smartphone due to copyright reasons, really hope you could understand.

How to connect the projector to soundbar or external speaker?

You can connect the mini projector to external speaker via the 3.5mm male to male audio cable. You can choose any kind of speaker you like, but this speaker must have an AUX interface.

Does this come with a screen?

Sorry to let you know the projector screen is not included, you need to click the items and add both to the cart.

Weight: 1.38 kg
Dimensions: 22 x 17 x 9 cm; 1.38 Kilograms
Model: UK-GC355
Colour: Black
Manufacture: BOMAKER
Colour: Black