Airwave Leg Weights for Gazebo (Set of 4)

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SALE PRICE: £33.97
YOU SAVE: £6.02

About this item

  • Give your Gazebo extra stability.
  • Simple to use.
  • Can be filled with Sand or Water
  • Each Leg Weight holds approx 8 litres of water.
SKU: B001A30S26
Dimensions: 46 x 46 x 27 cm; 2.4 Kilograms
Model: 5060176860490
Part: 5060176860490
Manufacture: ESC Ltd

From the manufacturer


The UK's Favourite Gazebo and Party Tent Brand

Airwave Gazebo Leg Weights

Give your gazebo or party tent that added stability with this set of four leg weights from Airwave.

Heavy duty to stand up to the elements throughout the year, the set is budget-friendly, reliable, and super easy to use.

Designed to secure shelters with a maximum pole diameter of 25mm, this is a superb product that fits most gazebos.

What Makes Airwave Leg Weights a Great Investment for Your Gazebo

Weather resistant and heavy duty

Easy to assemble and use

Great alternative to guy ropes

Secures your gazebo without fuss

Easy to Carry and Store

Compact in size and lightweight when empty for effortless transportation and storage.

Fill with Sand or Water

Choose to fill with either water or sand and bolt around each leg for 8kg or 12kg of additional weight respectively.

Hard and Soft Ground Use

Securing your gazebo on both grass and patio, the set is a superb alternative to guy ropes and pegs.

No Tools Needed

Screw together quickly and easily without the need for tools, giving you a fast and convenient solution to weighing down your gazebo.

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