Swordfish 40352 A3 Armoured 660 Heavy Duty Paper/Document Laminator

Swordfish 40352 A3 Armoured 660 Heavy Duty Paper/Document Laminator

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  • Laminates an A4 sheet in approx. 32 seconds
  • Fast 660/mm lamination for documents up to A2 size
  • Four large 25.6 mm precision rollers
  • Sophisticated temperature management and reverse control
  • Rugged steel casing

Product description

Product Description

Swordfish Armoured High-Speed laminators – The new Armoured laminator range from Swordfish are tough, Their welded steel casings make them ideal for use in the toughest environments. But make no mistake – under those rugged exteriors, there is some very sophisticated technology, all designed to make laminating quicker – and better. These machines are fast. Using a slow laminator when there is a lot of laminating to be done, can be about as much fun as listening to paint dry. But the Armoured660 range rush the pouches through at an impressive 660mm per minute – that’s twice as fast as a standard laminator – whilst the top of the range Armoured1000.

Box Contains

1 x Laminator, 1 x Armored Pouch Carrier

Weight: 7.6 kg
Size: A3
Dimensions: 21.5 x 51.5 x 10.2 cm; 7.6 Kilograms
Brand: Swordfish
Model: 40352
Pack Quantity: 1
Manufacture: Swordfish
Quantity: 1
Size: A3

From the manufacturer


Here today. Here tomorrow! Lamination protects documents by permanently encapsulating them between two sheets of plastic – the laminating pouch. This preserves the life of your document as once sealed, documents are protected against handling, water, grease and finger-marks. If your lamination becomes dirty, simply wipe it clean.

Whether a photograph, important presentation material or children's artwork, lamination will enhance the colour in the document, preserve it and make it more attractive.

To achieve a professional result, you can always count on Swordfish’s high quality laminating pouches, available in a full range of thicknesses and sizes along with Swordfish’s long lasting Laminating Pouch Carrier to laminate non-standard shapes, sizes or materials.

Swordfish range of laminators includes feature-rich models for all users, from hobbyists to professionals, capable of laminating documents up to A2 size, all designed to make lamination simple, straightforward and trouble-free.

Armoured Laminators

The Swordfish Armoured660 is the ideal document laminator.

The Swordfish Armoured Heavy Duty laminator is made from rugged steel casing, making the machine ideal for use in the toughest of environments.

Underneath its’ rugged exterior is state-of-the-art technology designed to laminate one sheet in an impressive 32 seconds – twice as fast as you standard laminator!

Swordfish’s 4-Roller Technology ensures each lamination is flat and even. Additionally temperature management makes sure each pouch receives the right amount of heat producing the perfect lamination every time.

With handy safety features, the laminator detects jams and goes into reverse, solving any problems. The versatile machine includes a cold lamination option, allowing you to laminate heat sensitive documents without worrying about bubbles and wrinkles in your final lamination.

The Armoured660 laminates any pouch from business card to A3 sizes, making it the ideal home and office machine.

4-Roller Technology

2x250 Microns

Reverse Control

A3 Size

Swordfish's Armoured660 Laminator has a 4-Roller Technology for fast and professional results, ensuring your finished lamination is flat and even.

The maximum pouch thickness for the Armoured660 A3 Laminator is 2×250 (500) Microns, providing extra protection for your documents.

The reverse control function on Swordfish Laminators detect jams and automatically go into reverse, ensuring you have no laminating issues.

The Sworsfish Armoured660 A3 Professional Laminator can laminate any size pouch from business card up to A3 size documents.

40186 40191 40239 TimeSaver 2 40352 40243
SuperSlim A4 Home & Office Laminator 330LR Compact A3 Home & Office Laminator TimeSaver A3 Home & Small Office Laminator TimeSaver2 A3 Home & Small Office Laminator Armoured660 Heavy Duty A3 Professional Laminator HyperSpeed A3 Professional Laminator
Why? Fast warm up – great results Compact and efficient Quick warm up – fast lamination Quick warm up – fast lamination High speed. heavy duty Swift warm up, fast lamination
Maximum Paper Size Up to A4 Up to A3 Up to A3 Up to A3 Up to A3 Up to A3
Speed (Time to Laminate an A4 Sheet) 1 minute 25 seconds 1 minute 20 seconds 40 seconds 34 seconds 32 seconds 14 seconds
Warm-up Time 2-3 minutes 5 minutes 1-5 minutes (dependent on pouch thickness) 1 minute 4-6 minutes 1 minute
Number of Rollers 4 2 4 4 4 6
Feed Entry Width 230mm 330mm 328mm 335mm 320mm 320mm
Maximum Pouch Thickness 2×125 (250) Microns 2×125 (250) Microns 2×125 (250) Microns 2×150 (300) Microns 2×250 (500) Microns 2×250 (500) Microns
Jam Release × ×
Reverse Control × ×
Cold Lamination Option ×

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